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Somerset Leaf Swirls Afghan Free Pattern

A Pattern From The Year 1917.

This afghan pattern is from the year 1917. It combines panels in a crocheted stitch pattern with single crochet panels. There is a chart for doing an (optional) cross-stitch design on the single crochet panels, if you wish to.

On this page, I've given the authentic antique instructions for the afghan.

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When you are reading the pattern below, the directions for the "plain stripes" are the Somerset stitch pattern, which I had added to this site on 7/12/2003. To make this afghan, you will need to print out those directions from http://crochet.about.com/library/n071203.htm, along with the directions below. Note: What the antique pattern calls "stripes", we would usually call "panels" or "strips" today.

Keep in mind that the materials given below are the materials that were listed in the 1917 publication and you will need to substitute other materials that are available today.

Directions From 1917:
Following are the directions from the antique pattern book, exactly as originally written (with the exception of my comment for getting the Somerset Stitch directions from the other page on this website).
Materials Required: 42 balls or 48 skeins of copper 374, 28 balls or 32 skeins lily 272, 2 balls or skeins wood brown 220 and bronze 160. Fleisher's Germantown Zephyr, 4-fold and Amber hook No. 4.
Plain stripes.
With copper, chain 46.
Using the Somerset Stitch directions from http://crochet.about.com/library/n071203.htm, work until stripe measures 76 inches. Make 3.
Embroidered stripes.
Single crochet stitch.
With lily, chain 37.
Work until stripe is 76 inches. Make 2. On these stripes, embroider design.
Holding wrong sides of stripes together join by making a single crochet through each stitch.
-- End of 1917 Directions

http://crochet.about.com/library/weekly/aa080203.htm shows how to do the afghan border, as shown in the sample photo.

The chart above shows the way that the chart appeared in the 1917 publication (there is an overlap in the design repeat). In the chart below, I cropped it so that it ends at the point where the next repeat should begin. I also flipped it sideways because that is the direction that the cross-stitch would be done on the crocheted background.

Click Here For Printer-Friendly Page

Somerset Afghan Pattern was originally published in the book Fleisher's Knitting and Crocheting Manual, Fifteenth Edition, published in the year 1917 (now in the public domain). It had the name "Somerset Afghan" in the 1917 book. I added the "Leaf Swirls" part to the title.

Feel free to add a link to this page on your own website or to give out the URL of this page to others:
http://crochet.about.com/library/weekly/aa071903.htm ... Thank you!

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