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Crocheted Hair Snoods

There is quite an interest in crocheted snood and hair bun cover crochet patterns, along with a curiosity about the history of hair snoods.

Free Snood and Hair Bun Cover Patterns on the Web

The listing of links to free patterns is now located at:
Hair Snood and Bun Cover Free Patterns

Purchasing a finished crocheted snood on the Web:

Lady MacSnood has a variety of styles, available in an array of colors, some with beads crocheted into the design.

History of Snoods:

On a web page titled "Civil War Sutler Blockade Runner's Ladies Fashion", there are Pictures of Snoods From the Late 1800s.

The snood was a popular hair accessory during the Renaissance era. This link shows examples of Renaissance costumes.

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