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Easy Single Crochet Halter Top Pattern
Designed by Sandi Marshall

This halter top is easy enough for a beginner to make yet it's great for experienced crocheters who want a quick project. It's a one-size-fits-most. Halter top size is adjusted by how tightly or loosely the ties are tied.

Side View
Back View

To make this halter top you need to know:
How to Slip Stitch - Insert hook in next stitch, yarn over hook, pull yarn through the stitch and, at the same time, through the loop on the hook.
How to Make a Crocheted Chain
How to Single Crochet
How to Decrease in Single Crochet
Click on links above for photos showing how.

Front View
You may prefer the basic halter top, with no cross-stitch, as shown at left but, as another option, I sized this halter top so that you could cross-stitch my Manto Butterfly Design on the top, if you wanted to. To help you in positioning the butterfly on the halter top: the butterfly chart is 40 rows tall and 40 stitches wide. Find the center of the chart and the center of the halter top, then begin to cross-stitch from the center, working out to the sides.
I did an example of the Manto Butterfly cross-stitched as an outline, shown in the photo at left. I used worsted weight yarn to cross-stitch the butterfly and size 10 cotton crochet thread to make the antannae. Use the Filet Crochet Manto Butterfly Chart to cross-stitch as an outline or the Manto Butterfly Color Chart to cross-stitch this butterfly on in full color. The rest of my butterfly design series are the same size also. Lots of charts to choose from!
Click Here For The Free Halter Top Pattern

This Easy Single Crochet Halter Top is an original design created by me, Sandi Marshall. The pattern is free for your own personal use only. You have permission to print out one copy for your own personal use.

Pattern copyright © 2000 Sandi Marshall. Do not redistribute the pattern or the images on this page. If someone else would like the pattern, please do not give them a copy of the pattern (it would be a copyright violation if you did) but instead give them the URL of this page so that they may come here for themselves. Thank you. Questions about copyrights? See Needlework and Illegal Copying and Copyright Myths Explained

URL of this page is http://crochet.about.com/library/weekly/aa081200.htm

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