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The Loop and Bar Lace Pattern Free Instructions

A Stitch Pattern From The Year 1899.

This stitch pattern is from the year 1899. I've rewritten and added to the crochet directions.

On this page, I've also given the authentic antique instructions, for comparison.

Directions by Sandi Marshall -
Materials Used In Example:
Worsted weight yarn
Crochet hook size G

ch = chain
chs = chains
dc = double crochet
sc = single crochet
sl st = slip stitch
tr = treble Treble How-To

How To Slip Stitch (sl st) = Insert hook in stitch, wrap yarn over hook, pull yarn through the stitch and through the loop on the hook, at the same time.

Starting Chain - Ch 34. Turn.
Row 1 - Sc in 10th ch from hook, * chain 5, skip 3 chains, sc in next ch **, repeat from * to ** 5 more times, turn.
Row 2 - ch 5, sc in first chain-5 sp, * ch 5, sc in next ch-5 space **, repeat from * to ** 5 more times, turn.
Row 3 - ch 7, tr in first chain-5 sp, * ch 3, tr in next ch-5 space **, repeat from * to ** 5 more times, turn.
Row 4 - ch 3, * 3 dc in next chain-3 sp, repeat from * 5 more times, 18 dc in ch-7 sp, sl st in loop at end of row 1. (On repeats of row 4, do not sl st in end of row 1 but sl st in nearest chain loop of previous row 5.) Turn.
Row 5 - (ch 5, skip 2 dc, sc in next dc) 5 times altogether, ch 5, sc between the 18-dc scallop and the first group of 3 dc * ch 5, sc between the 3dc-groups, repeat from * 5 more times, end with sc in the space between the last 3dc-group and the last stitch of this row. Turn.
Repeat - Repeat rows 2 - 5, as many times as needed for the width you want.
-- End of Rewritten Directions

Directions From 1899:
Materials Required: M. Heminway & Sons crochet silk and steel hook No. 0 hook size given in the 1899 publication.
Following are the directions from the antique pattern book, exactly as originally written (including punctuation) and in its entirety.
Starting Chain: Chain 35 sts., turn.
1. - Dc. in 10th st. from hook, * ch. 5, miss 3, dc. in next, repeat from * 5 times, turn.
2. - * Ch. 5, dc. under 5 ch. of last row, repeat from * 6 times, turn.
3. - Ch. 7, dtc. under 5 ch., * ch. 3, dtc under next 5 ch., repeat from * 5 times.
4. - Ch. 3, * 3 tc. under 3 ch., repeat from * 5 times, 18 tc. under 7 ch., fasten in loop at end of 1st row, turn.
5. - Ch. 5, miss 2, dc. in next tc., repeat 4 times, * chain 5, tc. between scallop and 1st group of 3 tc., * ch. 5, dc. between groups of 3 tc., repeat from * 5 times, putting last dc. under 3 ch. at end of row.
Repeat from 2d row.
A very desirable lace for many uses, as it may be made wider or narrower according to purpose for which required. -- End of 1899 Directions

Loop and Bar Lace Pattern was originally published in the book A Treatise On Embroidery, Crochet and Knitting, published in the year 1899 (now in the public domain).

Loop and Bar Lace Pattern rewritten instructions and the color pattern photo on this page are copyright 2003 by Sandi Marshall, licensed to About.com, Inc. Do not redistribute my rewritten instructions or my pattern photo in any form, even for free. If others would like to have my rewritten directions for this pattern, please give them the URL of this page:
http://crochet.about.com/library/weekly/aa083003.htm ... Thank you!

How long does copyright last? See US Government Copyright Office web site at www.copyright.gov. Under "Publications" heading, click on "Information Circulars": Circular 15 (Renewal of Copyrights), Circular 15a (Duration of Copyrights) and Circular 15t (Extension of Copyright Terms) can be helpful.

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