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Lily Filet Crochet Free Chart - 1919

Image copyright 1999 by Sandi Marshall

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Photo above shows three repeats of the chart crocheted as an edging. Because the edging is worked sideways, you can decide on the length you want as you go along. See below for photo showing one repeat of chart as a decorative pocket for clothing!


I made my sample with:
Crochet cotton thread size 10
Steel crochet hook size 8
This gives a finished size of 5 1/4 inches long at widest point and 5 1/4 inches wide for each repeat of the chart.

For narrower edgings, use size 20 or size 30 crochet thread, with a size 10 - 12 steel crochet hook.

On chart:
white blocks = solid mesh (blocks)
black blocks = open mesh (spaces)

To brush up on your basics in filet crochet, go here: http://crochet.about.com/library/weekly/aa050298.htm

Vintage filet crochet books often contain charts with no instruction for starting chain, etc. Fortunately it's not that difficult to figure this on your own.

Formula for figuring starting chain for filet crochet charts: Count the meshes on the first row of the chart; multiply this number by 3, add one more chain, then add one of these choices: if first mesh of row 1 is a solid mesh, add 3 to starting chain or if first mesh of row 1 is an open mesh, add 5 to starting chain. (This starting chain formula is for mesh made up of 4 double crochet.)


Starting chain for this chart: Because there are 11 meshes in first row, multiply this times 3 = 33, add one more chain, now add 3 because first mesh of first row is a solid mesh. Starting chain is 37.

Row 1 - 3 instructions are given below, working chart starting at the bottom of chart, working left to right for first row, right to left for second row and continue in this manner, increasing and decreasing as indicated on chart. You'll find how-to's for increasing in filet crochet at http://crochet.about.com/library/weekly/aa050998.htm To decrease, slip stitch in each stitch until you are at the spot where you should begin the next row; to decrease at end of row, leave remaining stitches unworked, turn and begin next row.

Here are written instructions for the first 3 rows to get you started:

Starting chain: Chain 37.
Row 1: Double crochet in 4th chain from hook, dc in next 2 ch, (ch 2, skip next 2 chain, dc in next ch) 5 times, dc in next 3 ch, (ch 2, skip next 2 chain, dc in next ch) 3 times, dc in last 3 ch.
Row 2: ch 3 (counts as first dc), sc in next 3 dc, (ch 2, skip next 2 chain, dc in next dc) twice, 2 dc in ch-2 space, dc in next dc, ch 2, skip next 2 dc, dc in next dc, (ch 2, skip next 2 chain, dc in next dc) 3 times, (2 dc in ch-2 space, dc in next dc) twice, dc in next 3 dc, next to increase: (treble in base of last stitch made) 3 times.
Row 3: To increase: Chain 8, dc in 4th ch from hook, dc in next 4 ch, dc in next 4 dc, (ch 2, skip next 2 dc, dc in next dc) twice, dc in next 3 dc, 2 dc in ch-2 space, dc in next dc, (ch 2, skip next 2 chain, dc in next dc) 3 times, dc in next 3 dc, (ch 2, skip next 2 chain, dc in next dc) twice, dc in last 3 dc.
Continue, working from chart. If you're unsure about something, take another look at filet crochet basics at: http://crochet.about.com/library/weekly/aa050298.htm

Image copyright 1999 Sandi Marshall
For Pocket
This idea isn't given in original publication (my own idea). To make decorative pockets for clothing, for each pocket: crochet once through all rows on the chart, then crochet row 1 again. End off. Sewing pocket on three sides, (leaving top open), sew a pocket to each side of a purchased sweater, sundress, etc.

Note In the 1919 publication, 3 repeats of the chart are shown with no instruction. All instruction added here is my own.

Copyright: This article and the two color photos of the edging and pocket are copyright 1999 Sandi Marshall, licensed to About.com, Inc. and are free for your own personal use only. If someone else wants these instructions, please give them the URL to this web page, so that they can come here and explore everything this site has to offer, for themselves. Thank you. URL of this page is http://crochet.about.com/library/weekly/aa091199.htm

Chart was originally printed in Book of Filet Crochet and Cross-stitch by Hugo W. Kirchmaier, published by Cora Kirchmaier in the year 1919 (now in the public domain).

How long does copyright last? See US Government Copyright Office web site at http://www.loc.gov/copyright. Under "Publications" heading, click on "Information Circulars": Circular 15 (Renewal of Copyrights), Circular 15a (Duration of Copyrights) and Circular 15t (Extension of Copyright Terms) will be helpful.

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