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Resources for Learning Crocheting:
Beginners and Advanced

Wondering where to find help for learning crocheting on the Web?

I've answered many emails that asked for this help and thought maybe some people wonder where to find this information but don't email me to ask. So here it is.

This feature is divided into two sections: Beginners and More Advanced.


Learning from the Web:

If you've never picked up a crochet hook before and haven't got the foggiest how to begin, follow these links to pages that will show you how to make your very first crochet slip knot and then your first crochet chain. Learn how to do the single crochet stitch next and you'll be on your way!

Click here for links to Learning Basics.

A helpful site when you're first learning, is the Crochet Guild of America. Their tutorials are here. For basic stitches, see halfway down the page under Getting Started: The Stitches (click on each stitch name to go to diagrams showing how to do that stitch).

Learning How To Crochet For Left-Handers: Crochet Guild of America has Left-Handed Tutorials also.

Free Patterns For Advanced Beginners
This is a selection of free pattern links for the crochet skill level of advanced beginner; someone who knows some crochet basics and is ready to learn more. Many of the link descriptions include an extra link to a how-to that will help the beginning crocheter learn how to do a certain part of that pattern.

Learning from Books:

Crochet Your Way - Instructions for both right-handers and left-handers.

Learning from Other Crocheters:

Veteran crocheters are thrilled to see new people taking up their beloved craft and are happy to jump in and help beginners with their questions on bulletin boards and in listserv postings.

Feel free to post questions or comments that you have about crocheting on About's Crochet Forum. (Important forum rule to comply with copyright law: No offering or asking for illegal reproduced copies of patterns that are currently under copyright protection.)

More Advanced

Learning from the Web:

There are many how-to's for stitches and techniques that I've put together on my site. These are listed on this page:
Directory of Stitches and Techniques

This is a section of links that I've compiled leading to pages on this site and on other web sites that give examples of stitches or instruction for learning stitches:
Links for Learning Stitches

Learning from Other Crocheters:

A discussion list is an email list where all emails sent to the list are automatically sent to everyone who has subscribed to that list. Some of them have a large number of members, so just be prepared for lots of email in your inbox when you join! Subscribing is easy and you can just as easily unsubscribe at any time.

Here are some of the Discussion Lists available for crocheters to join:

Crochet Partners is a formal discussion list that is 100% crochet talk - no off-subject. It has been around for a long time and has a large member base.

These discussion lists are for all crocheters, beginners through advanced:

Crochet Crafts
Crochet Musings Crochetlist
Crochetnet (new site in-progress), Crochetnet's Other Site Location

Learning from Books:

300 Crochet Stitches - A Harmony Guide
101 Crochet Squares

From Lacis: (in the left-hand column on their site, under Books, click on Needlework Techniques, then Crochet) The book titled 220 More Crochet Stitches and other titles will keep you trying new stitches and new stitch combinations for a long time.

I hope you'll have lots of fun crocheting!

All text in this feature is copyright 1998 Sandi Marshall

Bookmark for this feature is http://crochet.about.com/library/weekly/aa100398.htm

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