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Halloween Spiders
(Crochet and Non-Crochet)

Halloween's legends include tales of creepy creatures crawling out from their dark habitats on "Allhallows Eve", October 31. Are we surprised that spiders have become a standard part of our celebration of this creepy night?

They're creepy-looking (that's got
to be the first requirement),
just looking at a photo of a
tarantula can make my skin crawl ...
ok, 'nuff said; it's settled.
Spiders belong in Halloween.
Still need convincing?
See This Tarantula Photo:

Tarantula Crawling on You

copyright (c) 1998
by Sandi Marshall
When I designed this crocheted spider on a web, though, I made him a little less scary by making him a bit cross-eyed.
Spider on an Orange Web Pattern

He'd like to hang out at your Halloween party and stare cross-eyed at all your guests.

Other things spiders are good for:

If you find a need to trap a witch, first you'll need to gather up a few spiders, because they are one of the main ingredients in this trap-a-witch Chocolate Spider Cake.

Besides yarn, other materials you can use to make spiders and their webs:


Food Used to Make Spiders

About Southern Food: Peanut Butter, Graham Crumbs, Licorice


About Family Crafts: Variety of Spiders: Puppets, Bracelet and More
About Jewelrymaking: Wire and Bead Spider


Yarn and Thread

About Crochet: 3 1/2" Crocheted Spider
About Crochet: 3" Crocheted Buttonhole Spider
About Crochet: 3" Crocheted Orangeback Spider
About Crochet: Black Widow Spider, Both in Cross-stitch and Filet Crochet
Lee's World: Spider Web with Spider

This article and images within the article copyright 1998 by Sandi Marshall, licensed to About.com, Inc.
Spider graphics on this page drawn by and copyright by Sandi Marshall, licensed to About.com, Inc.

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