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Early Uses of Filet Crochet -
Rose Yoke

Pretty yokes in various thread patterns, including filet crochet, were commonly sewn to the tops of dresses and nightgowns in the early 1900's.

This yoke will be as beautiful today as it was then, sewn to a dress or pullover top. (Just as one possibility, how about adding this yoke to something made of satin.)

Below are directions for adding the final edging rows along the neckline. The original chart from the vintage publication is on another page (it became unreadable when reduced, so I had to leave it as a rather large chart. If it loads a bit slow - it will be worth the wait.)

Go here for Rose Filet Crochet Chart

Materials Required:

Crochet Cotton Thread, Size 80
3 balls in color of your choice

ch . . . chain
sc . . . Single Crochet
dc . . Double Crochet

Final Edging Around Neckline

Row 1: 3 sc in each mesh.
Row 2: Directions in vintage book for row 2 are: "Is made in cross trebles". (I've given directions below for making cross trebles.)
Row 3: 3 sc over 2 ch, ch 2, 3 dc, ch 2, 3 dc over next 2 ch, ch 2, 3 sc over 2 ch.

(In vintage directions where it says "3 sc over 2 ch", today the directions would read "3 sc in chain-2 space".)

How to Make Cross Trebles

Thread over twice, insert hook in stitch and draw thread through as for a treble (4 loops on hook), thread over, and draw through two loops, thread over, skip two stitches, insert hook in next stitch, draw thread through (5 loops on hook), thread over and draw off 2 loops at a time 4 times, ch 2, 1 dc in the center point of the cross, thus completing the cross.

The cross treble photo and directions are from a Spool Cotton Co. booklet printed in 1938.

The vintage Rose Yoke pattern and chart was printed in Artistic Crocheted Yokes by Augusta Pfeuffer. No date of publication printed in the book. 10 cents is the price printed on the cover. The book is circa early 1900's; (it has the look of books printed before 1920). Photo of Rose Yoke on this page is from the Artistic Crocheted Yokes book.

Until next week,

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