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Star Stitch Row Followed By A Single Crochet Row

With A Practice Square Designed by Sandi Marshall

Single crochet can be used as one option for crocheting the row that follows a row filled with star stitch. The size star stitch used in this example is one with five spikes, as shown in my star stitch photo how-to.

I worked out this star stitch formula to give crocheters a starting point for figuring a starting chain for any size square or other item.

To figure a starting chain for a five-spike star stitch (where the first row will be a foundation row of single crochet, followed by a row of star stitch), you will need:

  • 5 chains for the first star stitch
  • 3 chains for each additional star stitch
  • 1 chain for the first turning chain for row 1
  • Optional - Any additional chains for any extra single crochet or other types of stitches that you choose to add to the side edges or to add in between star stitches.

    How To Crochet The Five-Spike Star Stitch:

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    The following formula is for setting up a single crochet row after a star stitch row, where the same star stitch row directions will be repeated after the single crochet row.
    This is for five-spike star stitch: When crocheting the row following the star stitch row, you need to end up with 5 sc available for the first star stitch and 3 sc available for each adjoining star stitch. If you have placed any further star stitch in your design so that it is immediately following another type of stitch (a star stitch that is not immediately following another star stitch), you will need 5 sc available for that lone star stitch.

    Where needed, work 2 sc in a stitch in order to come out with the needed number of single crochet stitches to be able to work the star stitches in the row that will follow.

    Below is a practice pattern that I designed to give you the general idea of my star stitch formula method.

    Materials Used In The Example:
    Caron Simply Soft (Light Worsted Weight) yarn, in the following color:
    Bone, color #9703
    Hook: US Size G crochet hook

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    ch = chain
    chs = chains
    ea = each
    sc = single crochet
    sp = space
    Beg Star Stitch = beginning star stitch

    Beg Star Stitch - How to make the first star: Draw up a loop in each of the next 5 sc, loosely draw loop through all 6 loops on hook, make a loose chain to close the star.

    Adjoining Star Stitch - How to make each adjoining star: Insert hook into the loop that closed the previous star, wrap the yarn around the hook and draw this loop through, draw up a loop in the same place where the previous star finished, draw up a loop in each of the next 3 stitches, loosely draw a loop through all 6 loops on the hook, make a loose chain to close the star. Star Stitch In-Progress Photos

    Starting Chain: Chain 27.
    Row 1: sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in ea ch across. (26 sc)
    Row 2: ch 1 to turn, sc in ea sc across. (26 sc)
    Row 3: Note: As you draw a loop through all loops on the hook to form a star stitch, draw that loop out a little longer than normal, so that it will be loose - this keeps the star stitch size wide enough so the piece will not begin to curl. ch 1 to turn, sc in ea of first 3 sc, make a Beg Star Stitch over next 5 sc (see instructions above), then make an Adjoining Star Stitch 5 times, with each Adjoining Star Stitch using the next 3 sc in the row (see instructions above), then sc in ea of the last 3 sc.
    Row 4: ch 1 to turn, sc in ea of first 3 sc, 2 sc in next ch-1 sp, * 2 sc in loop that closed the next star st, sc in next loop **, repeat the directions between * and ** once more, 2 sc in loop that closed the next star st, 2 sc in next loop, repeat the directions between * and ** 2 more times, 2 sc in loop that closed the next star stitch, sc in ea of last 3 sc.
    Repeat Rows: Repeat rows 3 and 4, until you are two rows short of the length you want.
    Last Two Rows: Repeat row 2.

    The following photo shows the square worked through row 4:

    When finished, end off. Weave in ends.

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