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Angel Bear Design
An original, designed by Sandi Marshall

Printer-Friendly Page With Symbols Chart

You can work the chart either of two ways:
Crochet The Colors In As You Go
Cross-stitch the Design on a Crocheted Background

A few suggestions for ways to use this chart:

Gauge is not important for this project. Just to give you an idea of approximate finished size: Worsted weight yarn with a size G hook will make a square about 10 inches wide. To make an angel bear pillow, crochet two pieces (for a front and a back). The chart is 40 stitches across and 39 rows high. Make a starting chain of 41 chains (for 40 single crochet). If crocheting a background in afghan stitch, starting chain is 40 chains (there is no turning chain in afghan stitch). Crochet 39 rows. When crocheting the colors in, as you go, or when cross-stitching the design on the finished crocheted background, begin to add colors from the chart at the third row and begin on the third stitch in, so that you will have a plain border, two stitches wide, all the way around the design. Do the cross-stitch with yarn of the same weight that you used to crochet the background. When cross-stitching is completed, place the two pieces, wrong side together and work a round of single crochet around three sides, working through both thicknesses, to join the two pieces. Do not end off. Stuff firmly or insert a pillow form. Now crochet across the fourth side to close. End off. Weave in ends. If desired, add an edging of your choice.

Afghan Square
Crochet with the yarn weight of your choice. Work one round of single crochet around the outside edges of the finished piece, working (sc, ch 1, sc) in each corner.

The chart and these instructions copyright 2001 Sandi Marshall, licensed to About.com. Inc. Free for your own personal use only. Please do not redistribute chart or pattern in any form (even for free). Part of the definition of copyright is that the designer has the exclusive right to decide when/where/how that pattern is distributed. Patterns that a designer chooses to make available as free on the Internet are under the same copyright protection as patterns that you purchase.

If others would like to have this chart, instead of giving them a photocopy or a copy in any other form, please give them the URL of this page or the URL of the Free Charts Page, so that they may come get the chart for themselves. It makes a world of difference to me. Thank you.

URL of this page is http://crochet.about.com/library/weekly/aa122201.htm
URL of Free Charts Page is http://crochet.about.com/library/blfreecharts.htm

Click Here For Angel Bear Chart in Symbols

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