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Before You Buy Crochet Books

Books are a great way to learn to crochet or to learn new techniques, as well as to have a ready reference source of answers to crochet questions. Pattern books can be a great source of enjoyment in browsing and in crocheting new patterns you haven't tried before. Browsing through the listings below may be helpful to you in making a choice of books that you would enjoy owning in your home library.

Books For Beginners
Someone who has never crocheted before can learn how to crochet from a good reference book that contains easy to follow instructions and clear diagrams. There are several of these listed in my Top Picks (see first link below). After teaching the very first slip knot, these books will continue with basic stitches and move on to exciting and interesting pattern stitches that a new crocheter can learn when ready. In these versatile books, experienced crocheters will find tips and techniques for their skill levels, as well.

• Top Books For Crochet Beginners

Afghan Pattern Books
There are many pattern books that are devoted exclusively to crochet afghans. How do you choose which ones you might like the best? I've put together a short list of favorites that may be helpful.

• Top Picks - Favorite Afghan Pattern Books

Crochet Pattern Books of Clothing For Women
Guide picks of the top books with patterns for sweaters and accessories. Click on the Compare link to see where these are available on the Internet.

• Top Picks - Crochet Clothing Pattern Books

Crocheted Toys and Dolls Pattern Books
Learn about some of the best books with patterns for crocheted stuffed animals and dolls, as well as doll clothes and even miniature projects for dollhouses.

• Top Picks - Crocheted Toys and Dolls Pattern Books

Crochet Books With 70 to 101 Patterns Each
Books that each have from seventy to over one hundred patterns, for crocheting various items, such as toys, home decor, doilies and wearables.

• Top Picks - Crochet Books With 70 to 101 Patterns Each

Crochet For Babies and Children
Books of patterns to crochet for infants, children and preteens.

• Top Picks - Crochet For Babies and Children

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