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Downsized Loop and Bar Lace Edging Pattern

Antique Pattern Reworked By Sandi Marshall

I've resized the antique loop and bar lace pattern (see crochet instructions below). For an example of a way to use this lace, see my Loop and Bar Lace Drawstring Bag Free Pattern.

The original version of the Loop and Bar Lace pattern is from the year 1899. I rewrote and added to the crochet directions. I've also given the authentic antique instructions, for comparison, on the Original Version Loop And Bar Lace free pattern page.

Directions by Sandi Marshall -
Materials Used In Examples:
Light worsted weight yarn - Caron Simply Soft Brites, color No. 9604, Watermelon
Crochet hook U.S. size G
Each section is 2 1/4" wide x 3 1/2" long
Other example, shown in photo below:
Aunt Lydia's Crochet Cotton Thread, size 10, color No. 180, Shaded Dark Yellow
U.S. size 7 steel crochet hook
Each section is 1 1/4" wide x 1 1/2" long

ch = chain
chs = chains
dc = double crochet
sc = single crochet
sl st = slip stitch
sp = space

Starting Chain - Ch 18.
Row 1 - Sc in 10th ch from hook, * chain 5, skip 3 chains, sc in next ch **, repeat the directions between * and ** once more, turn.
Row 2 - ch 5, sc in first chain-5 sp, * ch 5, sc in next ch-5 space **, repeat the directions between * and ** once more, turn.
Row 3 - ch 7, dc in first chain-5 sp, * ch 3, dc in next ch-5 space **, repeat the directions between * and ** once more, turn.
Row 4 - ch 3, (3 dc in next chain-3 sp) twice, then 12 dc in ch-7 sp, sl st in loop at end of row 1 (on the first time making a row 4, when making the first section). When repeating rows 2-5 to make additional sections: at the end of row 4, instead of doing a sl st in the end of row 1, you will sl st in the closest loop of the nearest previous row 5 (the loop already worked in, not the unworked loop). Refer to photo above to see the placement of that slip stitch. At the end of row 4, turn.
Row 5 - (ch 5, skip 2 dc, sc in next dc) 3 times altogether, ch 5, sc between the 12-dc scallop and the first group of 3 dc, ch 5, sc between the next two 3dc-groups, ch 5, end with sc in the space between the last 3dc-group and the last stitch of this row. Turn.
Repeat - Repeat rows 2 - 5, as many times as needed for the width you want.

The original version of the Loop and Bar Lace Pattern was originally published in the book A Treatise On Embroidery, Crochet and Knitting, published in the year 1899 (now in the public domain).

Reworked shorter version Loop and Bar Lace Pattern rewritten instructions and the color pattern photos on this page are copyright 2006 by Sandi Marshall, licensed to About.com, Inc. Free for personal use only (noncommercial, not-for-profit use). Per copyright law, do not redistribute reproduced copies of my rewritten instructions or my pattern photos in any form, even for free. Do not republish these pattern instructions or my pattern photos on another web site, blog page or elsewhere. If others would like to have my rewritten directions for this pattern, please give them the URL of this page:
http://crochet.about.com/library/weekly/aalace32506.htm ... Thank you!

How long does copyright last? See US Government Copyright Law Office web site at www.copyright.gov. Under "Publications" heading, click on "Information Circulars": Circular 15 (Renewal of Copyrights), Circular 15a (Duration of Copyrights) and Circular 15t (Extension of Copyright Terms).

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