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12/24/00 - Santa Cat in Filet Crochet Free Chart
Filet crochet version of the cat in a Santa hat design, created by Sandi Marshall. Includes approximate finished sizes when worked in various sizes of thread and weights of yarn. Happy Holidays!

12/16/00 - Santa Cat Ornament and Pillow
A cat in a Santa hat design, an original by Sandi Marshall, worked from a color chart. Cross-stitch on a single crochet or afghan stitch plain square or crochet it with color changes. Make it in thread for an ornament or with yarn for a pillow. Free chart and instructions.

12/09/00 - Vintage Edging With Step-by-Step Photo Instructions
Even if you've never attempted to crochet this type of edging before, crochet along, one step at a time, referring to each photo as you go and before you know it, you'll have done it! What a beautiful piece you'll have to show off!

12/01/00 - Cardinal Ornament or Pillow
A close-up of a bright red cardinal's head, an original designed by Sandi Marshall. Worked from a color chart, make this with thread for an ornament or with yarn for a pillow.

11/23/00 - Crocheted Pumpkin/Honey Bee Jigsaw Puzzle
Take a fun break and play these jigsaw puzzles for free online. There's a 6 piece puzzle, if you just want to try one out quickly, as well as others with a varying number of puzzle pieces and shapes, even a 70 piece if you enjoy a good challenge. Have fun!

11/11/00 - Leaf Square With Optional Pumpkin Applique
Use this as an afghan square or make it in cotton yarn for a potholder. Front piece can be used alone or joined to a contrasting color backing. Pumpkin Applique can be sewn on this leaf square or used as a great finishing touch in other projects.

11/04/00 - Adding Embellishment to Filet Crochet
How to do an outline edging to highlight selected portions of a finished filet crochet item. Use this to add color or to make areas of the design stand out. Free butterflies chart included.

10/26/00 - Tropical Fish Color Chart
Charted for cross-stitch on a crocheted background, as well as for filet crochet. The cross-stitch version makes a great pillow.

10/14/00 - Black Widow Spider Chart
On the creepy side of Halloween, here's another free chart for Halloween decor.

10/07/00 - Jolly Jack-O-Lantern Banner
A VERY happy pumpkin, with the type of extra big smile that a kid is likely to carve into a Halloween pumpkin. Kinda makes you want to smile too. Free chart.

09/24/00 - Horseshoe Trim Crocheted on Rick Rack
Free instructions and in-progress photos to make it easier for you to crochet this interesting piece.

09/19/00 - "Fantasy Bat" Halloween Banner
Cross-stitch the black bat and surrounding swirls on a crocheted vibrant orange background, work in single crochet with color changes or make the chart in filet crochet. Instructions given for these variations.

09/09/00 - "Night Shadows" Owl Chart
Two versions of the owl chart: one with lacets and edged in solid areas, which I named "Night Shadows" and the other as a plain chart suitable for doing the owl in cross-stitch on a crocheted background, in filet crochet or adapting to other needlecrafts.

09/04/00 - Crocheted on Rick Rack Edging and Lace Insertion
Free instructions for an edging and matching lace insertion that are crocheted on rick rack. Add these to garments for a special touch! Photos help you see where the stitches are worked in the rick rack trim.

08/26/00 - Crocheting on Rick Rack Intro and History Trivia
A bit of history on the technique of crocheting into rick rack to create edgings and borders. Images of some past designs from 1883 to 1916 that used this technique.

08/12/00 - Easy Single Crochet Halter Top
Halter Top free pattern that's easy enough for a beginner and great for experienced crocheters who want a quick project.

08/05/00 - Butterfly Circle Afghan Color Charts
Make an afghan using the Butterfly Circle Design; choose from charts in various color schemes, for cross-stitch on a crocheted single crochet or afghan stitch background. Photo of afghan made in this design.

07/23/00 - Butterfly Circle Filet Crochet
I designed this chart to have an open area in the center, so that you could add your family initial or other small favorite subject to the center of the design.

07/15/00 - Diamond Filet Kerchief
Create different looks by crocheting this triangle scarf in one solid color, contrasting colors or with optional Irish Rose.

07/08/00 - Manto Butterfly in Filet Crochet
Charted for filet; approx. finished sizes given for working the chart in various sizes of thread and weights of yarn.

07/01/00 - Daffodils Table Runner
Worked in filet crochet. Approx. finished sizes given so you can choose the thread size used to match the measurements of the area where you'd like to display this beautiful piece.

06/25/00 - Manto Butterfly Color Chart
Same finished size as my previous butterfly design series. Crochet colors in, following the chart or cross-stitch the design on a crocheted background.

06/17/00 - Leaping Deer Design
Deer design with unusual swirl border pattern. Make in filet crochet or cross-stitch the design on a crocheted background for afghans, wallhangings and more.

06/13/00 - Triangle Scarves or Kerchiefs
Two crocheted triangle scarf designs, one in a repeat pattern, the other with a single rose.

06/03/00 - Daisy and Black-Eyed Susan Flower Afghan
Use the free charts to cross-stitch these two flower designs on crochet squares made in either single crochet or afghan (tunisian) stitch. See the finished afghan examples for ideas in arranging the light and dark color squares.

05/27/00 - Flower Medallion Yoke
Edging the joined flower medallions to make a pretty yoke for clothing. Shown sewn to a silk camisole top.

05/13/00 - Flower Medallion
Free instructions to crochet a pretty flower medallion or motif, useful to join into clothing items, such as shawls or sweaters and more.

05/06/00 - Daisy Yoke Free Charts
This filet yoke and crocheted straps are covered with pretty daisies. Straps can be made with openings to weave a wide satin ribbon through.

04/24/00 - Easy Ribbon-Weave Edging
Free instructions to make this crocheted edging with spaces for weaving satin ribbon into the edging, if desired.

04/15/00 - Selling What You Make
In this article you can learn about labels you need, by law, to attach to textile (includes made with yarn) items that you sell in the US and where to request Stuffed Toy Regulations in your state.

04/08/00 - Flowers/Clover Edging
Free pattern for making a crocheted edging that is made up of little clovers (four leaf and three leaf clover; the ones with 4 leaves look like tiny flowers). When made with thread, it is a dainty edging and can be worked directly into the edge of a fabric.

03/25/00 - Motif Handbag
Easy motifs join to form this crocheted handbag design.

03/12/00 - Bumblebee Charts
My original design, in a b & w chart for filet crochet and in a color chart for crocheting colors in or cross-stitch.

03/04/00 - Crochet Fringe & Fringed Edging
Looking for some fringe to add to accessories or clothing? Here are two unique patterns for you to try.

02/26/00 - More Crocheted Handbags (No Zippers)
More patterns for bags from the past to crochet; if sewing in a zipper is not your thing, you'll be glad to know that these do not have any zippers!

02/19/00 - More Ways to Use the Knot Stitch
Free instructions for a flower sachet and two lacey edgings that use knot stitches within the designs.

02/12/00 - Filet Doily with Cluster Edging
Choose from three charts for the doily center, then make the cluster edging, following my step-by-step photo how-to.

02/10/00 - Love Knot Yoke with Roses
Knot stitches create a delicate yoke with lovely Irish-style roses gracing the front. Free instructions here.

01/29/00 - Heart Tablecloth or Bedspread
Free charts for two complimenting squares to join in different pattern placements.

01/22/00 - Rose Filet Sweater
Free chart for a Rose Filet Crochet Sweater in a 1921 Titanic Era "Flapper" style.

01/15/00 - Filet Crochet Bird Charts
Sweater with a pair of birds, also squares with single birds, worked in filet crochet. Get the charts here, free.

01/08/00 - Filet Crochet Butterfly Yoke
Free chart for a lovely yoke with butterfly, worked in filet crochet.

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