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12/28/02 - "Sands of Time" Hourglass Free Chart
An hourglass design, symbolizing time and what we choose to do with the time that we have.

12/21/02 - "Light A Candle" Filet Chart
A Lit Candle on Candlestick Design, with a decorative border surrounding the candlestick.

12/07/02 - How To Edge Crochet With The Blanket Stitch
This photo how-to teaches how to do the blanket stitch edging, made using a large-eye sewing needle threaded with a strand of yarn. Useful as a decorative edging on crochet.

11/30/02 - Eastern Festoon Butterfly Free Chart
This design is charted for filet crochet but can also be done in single color silhouette cross-stitch on a crocheted background.

11/17/02 - How To Cross-Stitch on Single Crochet
A how-to, with photos, shows the basics, along with a photo and details for learning how to do outlining, to highlight portions of the finished design.

11/03/02 - Crochet For Thanksgiving
Updated with current links for finding free crochet patterns on the Internet for Thanksgiving themes, such as pumpkins, pumpkin pie, turkeys, crocheted vegetables and more.

10/20/02 - Crochet For Babies and Children - Top Picks
This page will help you locate online stores where you can see descriptions of books and place your order online for books of patterns to crochet for babies, children and preteens.

10/19/02 - Crochet Magazines
This page will help you locate places to order subscriptions to crochet magazines online. Learn what magazines are available; see descriptions and prices. Magazines are listed in alphabetical order.

10/06/02 - Crochet For Halloween
Updated with current links to free patterns to crochet for Halloween themes.

09/29/02 - Purple Azure Butterfly in Filet Crochet
Charted for filet crochet; can also be done in single color silhouette cross-stitch on a crocheted background. Free chart.

09/21/02 - Zebra Swallowtail Butterfly in Filet Crochet
Charted for filet crochet; can also be done in single color silhouette cross-stitch on a crocheted background. Free chart.

09/15/02 - Easy Two-Color Double Crochet Edging
Free instructions to crochet an easy edging in single and double crochet stitches. A contrast color can be used on the last row to highlight the edge.

09/08/02 - Lighthouse With American Flag Design
This lighthouse displays the US flag, while its lights beam across the night sky. Worked from a chart. For cross-stitch on a crocheted background.

08/20/02 - Toy Zebra Rocking Horse Design
Worked from a chart. Same size chart as the Toy Pony Rocking Horse Design (see 08/09/02). Crochet colors in or work in cross-stitch on a crocheted background. Great for a baby afghan!

08/17/02 - Elf Hat Pencil Topper
Free pattern for a tiny crocheted hat that fits the top of a pencil or pen, making it a fun decoration for kids. This crochet hat has a unique, long twisted end, for a cute look.

08/09/02 - Toy Pony Rocking Horse Design
Solid color design, worked from a chart. Crochet colors in or work in cross-stitch on a crocheted background. Great for a baby afghan!

07/27/02 - "Apple For The Teacher" Free Chart
Apple with a heart center design.

07/23/02 - Tiny Flowers Border Color Chart
Use these tiny flowers to add a splash of color to your projects.

07/17/02 - Daisy Center Circle Motif
Free pattern. This would look great as a single motif sewn on a t-shirt, tank top or other type of fabric top. It could also make a great accent, added to an accessory, such as a backpack.

07/03/02 - Crocheted Openwork Lace Insertion
Free instructions, to crochet a lovely lace. Suggestions given on how to sew the crocheted lace to summer clothing or to household items, such as guest towels or pillowcases. Based on a pretty antique design.

06/24/02 - Charting Adventure
Ready to try a little charting adventure? (blank charts provided) My example charts can be used individually or combined within a project (charted for filet crochet but adaptable for other needlecrafts). Have fun!

06/08/02 - Afghan Square With Open Center Design
Adapted from a lovely antique design, this square is a version of filet crochet, with an open lace center. Filet beginners, who may not be used to working from a chart yet, may find the full written directions helpful in learning filet crochet.

05/18/02 - Antique Spider Design In Its Simplest Form
This lovely antique design is basically a version of filet crochet with a wide, open lace portion in the center. Following the written out directions for the first few rows can also be helpful, to filet crochet beginners, in understanding how to do the open mesh and solid mesh that is the basis for filet crochet.

05/11/02 - About the Book "Color Play"
This book extensively explores color possibilities for each color in the color wheel. It can be a valuable learning tool and continual reference source, helpful for coming up with exciting design combinations to use in your projects.

04/18/02 - About the Book "Crochet With Style"
Learn more about this book of stylish crochet sweater patterns, designed by Melissa Leapman.

03/31/02 - Flower Basket Design
Charted for cross-stitch on a single crochet or afghan stitch background. Instructions for making a Pincushion or Afghan Square using this design.

03/16/02 - "Northwoods" Pattern Stitch
Rewritten instructions from a 1917 pattern. Comparing the vintage vs today's instructions can be helpful in more easily understanding the meanings of other vintage instructions that you may come across.

02/23/02 - Bell Lace
A crocheted lace edging, with shells running across the top, accenting a row of bells. Make in white for wedding bells or in holiday colors for Christmas bells.

01/31/02 - Hearts With Love Design
The Hearts Border Design with the word LOVE in the center, charted for filet crochet.

01/15/02 - Hearts Border Design
The center of this design is open so that you can add a person's initials or a short word, such as LOVE or JOY.

01/01/02 - The Up-Down Stitch
Another stitch pattern to try out. Be adventurous and try making an afghan square, potholder or scarf, using this stitch pattern. Decide for yourself what your starting chain length will be and go from there. Have fun!

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