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12/27/03 - Roses Free Color Chart
A pretty design with red roses.

11/29/03 - Adeline Cordet Edging Number 124 Free Pattern
This edging pattern is originally from the year 1915. I've rewritten and added to the crochet directions.

11/15/03 - Wheel Motif Free Pattern
This stitch pattern is originally from the year 1899. I've rewritten and added to the crochet directions.

10/19/03 - Celtic Links Design Free Chart
For cross-stitch on a crocheted afghan square.

09/27/03 - Airplane Afghan Square Free Pattern
Two-color square, with colors crocheted in. Fourth square in the series of airplane/helicopter charted designs, to crochet an aircraft sampler afghan for men or boys.

08/30/03 - Loop and Bar Lace Free Pattern
A lovely antique lace pattern, originally from the year 1899. I've added more crochet instructions and a photo example, along with giving the authentic antique directions, as they appeared in the 1899 publication. Enjoy recreating this interesting vintage design.

08/09/03 - Edging For The Quick, Easy Dishcloth Free Pattern
Here's a quick edging that you can add to the June 2003 easy dishcloth pattern (see the edging page for a link to the dishcloth pattern). This edging is easy enough for a beginner ... I've also added photos with close-up details.

08/02/03 - Three Row Tri-Color Edging Free Pattern
This edging will compliment the Somerset Leaf Swirls Afghan but could also be used on many other projects.

07/19/03 - Somerset Leaf Swirls Afghan Free Pattern
This afghan combines panels of Somerset stitch with single crochet panels. There's an (optional) charted design that can be cross-stitched on the single crochet panels, if you wish.

07/12/03 - The Somerset Stitch Pattern Free Instructions
This stitch combination is also originally from the year 1917. I've crocheted worsted weight samples and added photos of those, along with directions rewritten in today's crochet terms.

07/06/03 - The Phylis Stitch Pattern Free Instructions
Here's another crochet stitch combination for you to try out! It's originally from the year 1917 but it's just as interesting and fun to crochet today.

06/28/03 - How To Increase and Decrease In Afghan Stitch
Photos help you visualize how this is done.

06/27/03 - Quick, Easy Dishcloth Free Pattern
This dishcloth pattern is easy enough for beginners to crochet. I've also added extra photos explaining parts of the pattern, to make it easier still.

06/21/03 - Paisley Flower Afghan
Several different squares can be combined in various ways to create this afghan.

06/14/03 - Round Mesh Bag Antique Pattern
Instructions from the year 1919 for a round mesh bag, crocheted with size 3 thread.

06/07/03 - New Easy Oval Mesh Bag Pattern
Quick and easy to crochet with worsted weight yarn, with many possible uses.

05/31/03 - How To Crochet A Three-Treble Cluster
Photos show the steps in crocheting a cluster that's made up of three trebles. The Cluny Design Afghan Panel/Lace Insertion pattern and the Half Daisy Design Cluny Edging pattern below, both have 3-tr clusters within the pattern.

05/18/03 - Cluny Design Afghan Panel or Lace Insertion
Free pattern. Crochet this pattern with yarn in panel lengths and join the panels for an afghan or crochet it with thread for a lace insertion to use as an accent on clothing or other items. Just two short rows are repeated for the pattern design.

05/11/03 - Half Daisy Design Cluny Edging Free Pattern
Along with other uses, this is another edging that would look great sewn to the bottom edge of a summer crop top.

05/03/03 - Helicopter Afghan Square Free Pattern
Third square in the series of airplane/helicopter charted designs, to crochet an aircraft sampler afghan for men or boys.

05/02/03 - Open Fan Edging For Yarn or Thread
This pretty edging is worked sideways, one fan section at a time (rather than in long rows), so you can decide upon the finished length as you go along. Make it with either yarn or thread, to edge clothing or to add to afghans or other household items.

04/26/03 - Crocheting Cables Photo How-To and Free Pattern
Cables can be crocheted in many variations. With the directions in this pattern, you can do a practice square for cables that are crocheted over four stitches. I've included photos that can help with a visual understanding of how crocheted cables are made.

04/19/03 - Second Airplane Afghan Square Free Pattern
Two-color square, with colors crocheted in. Another in the series of airplane/helicopter charted designs, to crochet an aircraft sampler afghan for men or boys.

04/12/03 - Photo How-Tos: Crocheting With Color Changes Within A Row
Learn Basics, Crocheting Over Unused Color, Carrying Unused Strand on Wrong Side, Hints

04/04/03 - Written Instructions For First Charted Aircraft Design
Row by row instructions, to accompany the airplane chart, for anyone who is not used to crocheting from a chart or who prefers to crochet from row by row pattern directions. This will also help anyone who is just learning to crochet with the color changes of multiple colors in a same row (the basic version of this design has no more than two colors per row).

03/22/03 - Aircraft Sampler Afghan Square Number One Free Pattern
Two-color square, with colors crocheted in. This is the first in a series of airplane/helicopter charted designs, to crochet an aircraft sampler afghan for men or boys.

03/16/03 - Leprechaun Hat Banner Free Pattern
Perfect for a St. Patrick's Day decoration.

03/15/03 - Rose and Shamrock Edging Free Pattern
An edging in Irish crochet that's made up of two-tier roses and shamrock clover.

03/14/03 - Shamrock Clover Banner Free Pattern
Crochet this large three-leaf clover for a St. Patrick's Day decoration or for an anytime banner. Add some optional Irish Crochet Roses or small Shamrock Appliques to your banner, if you wish (see example photos).

03/08/03 - How To Make A Two-Layer Irish Crochet Rose
Free pattern with full directions. I've included extra photos to make it easier to understand how to crochet certain parts of the pattern.

02/22/03 - Round Irish Crochet Rose Medallion Free Pattern
Join multiples of this medallion to form various items. For example, if you make the medallion with thread, you could make a table runner, tablecloth or bedspread from the joined pieces. If you make it with yarn, you could make a circular pillow front with just one medallion or join multiples to form a decorative afghan.

02/15/03 - Irish Crochet Rose Square Free Pattern
A multi-layer rose graces the center of this pretty Irish crochet square medallion.

02/08/03 - Scallop Medallion Free Pattern and How-To
Pattern includes a step-by-step photo how-to. Medallion is crocheted entirely with chains and single crochet stitches.

02/02/03 - Paisley Flower Free Chart
An original by Sandi Marshall. Charted for filet crochet or for cross-stitch on a crocheted background.

02/01/03 - Crocheted Fuchsia Flower Wide Edging Free Pattern
Adapted from an antique pattern. Could be added along the bottom edge of a short summer crop top or used to decorate household items.

01/25/03 - Easy Scallop Crocheted Edging Free Pattern
This is an easy edging, made with double crochet and chain stitches.

01/18/03 - Crocheted Shell and Cluster Scarf Free Pattern
This stitch combination creates an interesting texture patterning. I've included extra photos to show how parts of the shell and cluster stitches are made, along with complete step-by-step directions.

01/12/03 - Leaves and Tiny Flowers Free Chart
Example shows four squares joined. For filet crochet or for cross-stitch on a crocheted background.

01/11/03 - Crocheted Exotic Flower Applique Free Pattern
Add this crocheted flower applique to other items as a decorative accent. Directions rewritten from an antique pattern, with the early 1900's antique directions also given, for comparison.

01/01/03 - "Snowflake Lace" Free Chart
Charted for filet crochet but can also be done in solid color silhouette cross-stitch on a single crochet or afghan stitch background.

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