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12/18/04 - Holiday Bell Charted Filet Design
Free chart for a holiday bell, useful for filet crochet or for cross stitch in a solid color silhouette.

11/13/04 - Ripening Pumpkin Fall Theme Afghan Square
Instructions to make an afghan square with a Fall theme ripening pumpkin design. The pattern is crocheted in single crochet and long sc.

10/26/04 - Halloween Ghost Trick Or Treat Candy Bag
Instructions to make a crocheted candy bag using the charted ghost design.

10/16/04 - Charted Halloween Ghost Design
Free chart of a Halloween ghost.

09/25/04 - Halloween Ghost Applique Pin or Magnet
This little ghost shape could be used as an applique or made into a pin or magnet.

09/18/04 - Sunshine Applique
This sunshine applique is an example of an item that can be crocheted beginning with the basic flat circle instructions.

09/11/04 - Basic Crocheted Flat Circle With Solid Center
An example showing how to crochet a basic flat circle made with single crochet, with a solid center.

08/28/04 - Basic Crocheted Flat Circle With Open Center
An example showing how to crochet a basic flat circle made with single crochet. This example has an open center.

08/15/04 - How to Make Cross Trebles
Diagrams showing how to crochet a cross treble stitch.

07/18/04 - Skipping A Crochet Stitch Illustrated
Illustrates what to do when a pattern's directions say to "skip a stitch".

07/17/04 - How To Crochet the Saranac Stitch
This stitch pattern creates an interesting textured ridge across the piece.

06/19/04 - Easy Shell Stitch Edging Free Pattern
Free pattern for an easy edging, useful for edging afghans, pillows, potholders and so forth.

06/05/04 - Cluster Flower Small Motif Pattern
Free pattern to crochet a flower motif that could be used as an applique or made into a pin or magnet.

05/15/04 - Rings And Roses Edging
Free Pattern for an unusual design, originally from the year 1914. For a closer look, you can click on the small photo and then click on NEXT for a closer image, plus you can right-click on that photo to print it.

04/03/04 - Vintage Knot Stitch Edging
A lacey crocheted edging using the knot stitch. There's also a link to a step-by-step how-to for learning to crochet knot stitches.

03/20/04 - Crocheting Basic Buttonholes
A photo shows the first steps in crocheting a basic buttonhole, with instructions and hints.

03/07/04 - Larger Photo of Alicia Scarf
A larger photo showing this fashion item, that can be crocheted for a shawl or made with less rows for a scarf.

02/28/04 - Alicia Scarf Free Pattern
A vintage pattern from the year 1917.

02/07/04 - How To Crochet A 2-DC Cluster Stitch
Photos and step by step instructions.

01/24/04 - Alicia Stitch
This cluster stitch pattern is from the year 1917 but is just as useful today. I've rewritten and added to the crochet instructions. It was called an "Alicia Stitch" in the 1917 needlecraft publication.

01/10/04 - Tiny Birds Edging
This bird design is charted for filet crochet.

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