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Year 2005 New Pages On This Site, Listed By Date ...

12/25/05 - Evening Bags And Party Purses To Crochet From Free Patterns
These crocheted bags and purses have the potential for an elegant look, suitable for a fancy evening purse or party bag. The elegance of the finished purse will depend mainly on the type of yarn or thread and the colors that you use to crochet it. Beads, sequins or fancy buttons can add to the look of elegance.

12/24/05 - Things To Crochet For Your New Year's Eve Party
A selection of links to free crochet patterns for useful New Year's theme and party items. An elegant shawl and evening bag, wine glass charms and a few New Year party decor items.

12/18/05 - Snowflake Theme Free Crochet Patterns Made With Yarn
For crocheters who prefer to work with yarn, instead of thread, I've compiled the following list of links to snowflake theme free crochet patterns, where the pattern example is crocheted with yarn.

12/17/05 - Stripes Skinny Scarf Easy Pattern
Another quick, easy scarf that is only about two inches wide, for the popular "skinny scarf" look. This is a great pattern for beginners but it is also enjoyable for experienced crocheters who are looking for a quick project. Free pattern.

12/17/05 - Fashion Doll Scarf Easy Pattern
This easy doll size scarf is worked in lengthwise rows. There are only 5 rows to complete the pattern. It is crocheted with size 10 cotton thread. Free pattern.

12/10/05 - How To Crochet A Skinny Scarf Easy Pattern For Beginners
This quick, easy scarf is worked in long rows. There are only 6 rows to complete the pattern. A length for fringe is left at the beginning and end of the rows, so there is no weaving in of ends in this pattern! This is a great pattern for beginners but it is also enjoyable for experienced crocheters who are looking for a quick project. Free pattern.

11/30/05 - Capes and Capelets Free Patterns
I've compiled a list of links to free patterns for crocheted capes and capelets, found at various sites around the Internet.

11/22/05 - Star Stitch Row Followed By A Single Crochet Row
Single crochet can be used as one option for crocheting the row that follows a row filled with star stitch. I worked out this star stitch formula to give crocheters a starting point for figuring a starting chain for any size square or other item.

11/20/05 - Bow Applique Quick Crocheted Accent
This little crocheted bow can be handy to add to other items for a quick accent. I have also given extra explanation and written out directions (explaining the abbreviations) for beginners. Free Pattern.

11/19/05 - Panels Afghan Extra Photos With Closeup Look To Help In Crocheting The Pattern
Photos show a closer look at the stitches used in crocheting rounds 2 and 3 of the Panels Lapghan and Full Size Afghan, which is a Mile A Minute type of pattern. A link to the free pattern is included.

11/12/05 - Orange Vanilla Wrist Warmer With Woven Chain Design
Another granny square wrist warmer with a different variation of the woven chain design. Free Pattern.

11/05/05 - Granny Square Wrist Warmer With Woven Chain Design
This decorative wrist warmer is crocheted with worsted weight yarn for a quick project. Free Pattern.

10/29/05 - Decorative Fall Wrist Warmer With Pumpkin Design
This decorative wrist warmer is in a Fall theme. It's crocheted with worsted weight yarn for a quick project. A woven chain adds extra color to the finished piece (I included a photo showing the path for doing the weaving of the chain). Free Pattern.

10/22/05 - Decorative Wristlet With Skull Shape
Here's a great accessory to wear around Halloween time.

10/18/05 - Glowing Skull Halloween Decoration
A crocheted Halloween decoration in a skull shape. The skull has the look of glowing eyes.

10/18/05 - Orange Trim and Ghost Outline Instructions To Add To Openwork Black Lace Edging
Adding orange trim along the bottom edge of the Openwork Black Lace Edging turns it into a great Halloween edging. There are also instructions for adding an optional ghost outline to the solid part of the edging, if you wish to.

10/15/05 - Openwork Black Lace Edging
This crocheted lace edging has an openwork design, alternating with solid triangle shapes.

10/08/05 - Skull Shaped Applique Halloween Decoration
A crocheted skull shaped applique that can be handy as a Halloween decoration. Sew or glue these little skulls to other items to dress them up for a spooky Halloween look. The example is crocheted with thread and the actual size is only 1 1/2 inches tall.

10/08/05 - Skull Square Halloween Decoration
A crocheted Halloween decoration with a skull shaped center. The skull appears to be smiling (with a few teeth missing, of course). Crocheted with worsted weight yarn, the skull shape is attached to a granny square style background.

10/02/05 - "Multiple of" Explained
This page explains what it means when a pattern calls for "a multiple of" another number for the starting chain formula. I've given examples, along with links to some free patterns that call for "a multiple of" for the starting chain.

09/24/05 - Ghost Wide Headband Hat Halloween Costume Accessory
A wide headband (or hat with open top) that has a ghost shaped center to crochet for a Halloween costume accessory. Instructions and photo of the orange and black headband with white ghost shape.

09/11/05 - Crocheting For Hurricane Victims And Other Needs
Tips for finding a reputable charity and for determining if that charity will accept donations of crocheted items. A listing of a few charities that are organized to receive donations of crocheted items to be distributed to the needy on an ongoing basis.

09/10/05 - Dragonfly Afghan Crochet-Along, Learn Filet Crochet
A dragonfly afghan in filet crochet, with written instructions for each row, to correspond with the chart. Divided for a crochet along.

09/04/05 - Dragonfly Design For Filet Crochet With Free Chart
Pattern is shown done as a filet crochet design but is adaptable for single color silhouette cross stitch, as well.

09/03/05 - Curlique Ghost Applique Free Pattern
A quick to crochet ghost shape for a Halloween decoration.

08/21/05 - Easy Single Crochet Scarf With Extra Instructions For Beginners
Free pattern for a scarf that is easy enough for anyone who is a beginner to crocheting. I have added a full explanation of the instructions for each row. By following this pattern, you can learn about the most basic crochet abbreviations, beginning pattern reading and understand how to do some of the most common instructions that you will find in every pattern.

08/14/05 - Venetian Crochet Leaf Applique Makes A Quick Embellishment
Embellish crochet projects with quick to make appliques, that can easily turn a basic item into something special. This leaf made in a Venetian Crochet style can be a great accent when added to any simple flower motif that has been sewn to a finished crocheted item.

08/13/05 - Decorative Stretch Wristlet With Detachable Rose Motif
This crocheted wrist band has a stretch design for a comfortable fit, with detachable rose motifs for quick decorative accents.

08/06/05 - Basic 6-Sided 2 Round Granny Style Motif Free Pattern
A small motif with six sides, made in a granny style. You could make multiples of this small motif and join them to form various items. Because it takes a small amount of yarn for each motif, this could be a good way to use up scrap yarn.

08/05/05 - About The Book Hip to Crochet
Fashion savvy designs for contemporary crochet projects ... A review, telling about the type of patterns contained in the book Hip To Crochet and about the pattern instructions style of this book, that will be appreciated by crocheters. Find out about some of the crochet techniques that are contained in the book, such as how to do felting and more. A link is given where you can compare the prices of online sources for this book.

07/29/05 - Monet Color Blocks Scarf Free Pattern
A scarf with an openwork design, worked in sections of alternating colors. I've included an extra photo showing a close look at the stitches used in crocheting this pattern.

07/27/05 - Crocheted Fringe Edging Free Pattern
I've rewritten the antique crochet directions for this vintage pattern and have added two new photos of samples that I crocheted, showing the stitches used in making this design.

07/23/05 - Spider Lace and Blocks Afghan Square Free Pattern
This square has an openwork center, based on the Antique Spider Design, with solid areas in the corners that create a solid block in the design when multiples of this square are joined together.

07/15/05 - Lacy Cape Sized For Small Children Free Pattern
This cape is sized for toddlers and small children. It will fit a range of sizes. Further down the pattern page is a photo showing the design of the back of the cape and a photo with a closer look at the stitches used in crocheting this pattern.

07/08/05 - Basic Five Sided Pentagon Shape Granny Style Motif Free Pattern
In response to a question asking about the proper number of increases to crochet a five sided motif without having it curl or ripple, I worked out this motif and wrote the directions for it.

07/03/05 - Easy Patriotic Wrist Band Free Pattern
Crocheted entirely in single crochet. Multicolor thread forms the intriguing color patterning.

07/02/05 - Granny Trio Granny Squares Headband Free Pattern
Three granny squares are joined for the center of this band, embellished with long single crochet stitches and a woven chain design. I've included an extra photo with a closer look at the stitches used in crocheting this pattern.

06/26/05 - Toy Car Shape Crocheted Applique Free Pattern
A crocheted applique in a fun car shape, made with worsted weight yarn, that would be cute sewn to a purchased plain child's sweater or added to a basic crocheted sweater. You could also make it with thread for a tiny applique.

06/25/05 - Headband With Small Granny Square Free Pattern
This headband has a small granny square at the center. Long single crochet stitches add interest to the granny square portion. I've included an extra photo with a closeup look at the stitches used.

06/18/05 - Granny Square Center Wide Headband Free Pattern
This crocheted headband has a stretchy design, for a comfortable fit, with a trendy granny square adding style to the center front. I've included a closeup photo showing the stitches used.

06/11/05 - Gentle Waves Crocheted Wristlet Free Pattern
A decorative wrist band with a wavy ripple design. I've included photos showing a closeup of the stitches used in crocheting rows 2 and 3.

06/05/05 - Skinny Scarf in Shells and Waves
Skinny scarves have become popular as a decorative accent. This long scarf is only about three inches wide. It's easy to crochet, with just two short rows repeated for the pattern design. I have included photos showing a closeup of the stitches used in crocheting the two pattern repeat rows.

05/29/05 - How To Single Crochet Around DC Post
The finishing round for the Shells and V's Scarf uses the method of working single crochet around the post of the end double crochet stitch on each row. I've taken photos of the steps used in crocheting around the dc post to help anyone who is new to this method.

05/22/05 - Shells and V's Scarf Free Pattern
An easy pattern to crochet, with shell stitches and V-stitches. I've included an extra photo with a closeup look at the stitches used in crocheting this design.

05/15/05 - Edgings For Afghans Free Patterns
A selection of links to free patterns on this site for crocheted edgings that are suitable for use as afghan edgings.

05/08/05 - Baby Blanket In Shells and Clusters
A shells and clusters design in a soft sport weight baby yarn. Free pattern directions with extra photos to help you learn how to crochet the shell and cluster combination.

05/01/05 - Free Patterns for Crocheted Belts
A selection of 10 links to free crochet patterns for various styles of belts.

04/30/05 - Sun Center Granny Square Free Pattern
I used a bright multicolor yarn for the sun when I crocheted the example. I have included some additional photos, with closer looks at the design and at the stitches used in making the sun rays of the center piece.

04/17/05 - Free Patterns for Crocheted Bracelets
In this selection of links to free patterns for crocheted bracelets, each represents a different style. This selection covers a variety of methods for crocheting bracelets, with many different finished looks. You might decide that you want to crochet them all!

04/16/05 - Shells and Waves Medium Width Scarf Free Pattern
This scarf design is crocheted with a combination of 4-dc shells and double crochet stitches. Easy Pattern.

04/05/05 - Top 10 Fashions To Crochet For Preteens / Teens
A selection of links to free patterns to crochet top fashions for preteens and teens.

04/02/05 - Easy Chain Loops Wide Headband
This decorative headband is quick and easy to make. I crocheted the example with a pretty multicolor yarn called "Ocean".

04/01/05 - Chain Loops Easy Beginners Narrow Headband
This pattern is easy enough for beginners but also enjoyable for experienced crocheters who are looking for a quick-to-make project. Pages two and three of the pattern are closeup photos of rows 2 and 3, along with extra explanation for beginners.

03/26/05 - Where To Find Free Patterns For Crocheted Flower Theme Doilies
A list of links to a variety of free patterns for doilies with a flower theme.

03/25/05 - Where To Find Free Patterns For Crocheted Flower Appliques
A list of links to a variety of free patterns for flower appliques and three dimensional flowers. Links arranged alphabetically by flower name.

03/20/05 - Northwoods Skinny Scarf Free Pattern
This is a narrow style scarf with a Northwoods stitch design. The Northwoods stitch pattern creates a light textured look.

03/19/05 - Where To Find Free Patterns For Crocheted Shawls
A list of links to a variety of free patterns for crochet shawls. Triangle shaped, ripple design, easy patterns and more.

03/13/05 - Where To Find Free Patterns For Crocheted Scarves
A list of web pages that contain free patterns for crochet scarves.

03/06/05 - Hearts Headband With Colors Crocheted In
On this version of the heart themes headband, I have crocheted the colors in on the front piece. I revised the chart slightly for use with this method. When I crocheted the example shown, I chose a black background with a bright multicolor yarn to simulate a stained glass look.

03/05/05 - Where To Find Free Patterns For Cloche Style Hats
On this page I've listed places on the Internet to find free patterns to crochet cloche style hats, along with a few links to information on the history of cloches and some online stores selling ready-made crocheted cloche hats.

02/19/05 - Hearts and Lines Headband Free Pattern
This wide winter headband displays a heart theme design on the front of the piece, while ribbing rows give the headband some stretch for a comfortable fit.

02/13/05 - Tropical Fish With Valentine Heart Free Charted Pattern
Crochet the colors in, following the chart or work the design in cross stitch on a crocheted background of afghan stitch or single crochet.

02/06/05 - 3rd Version Football Granny Square (With Satin Ribbon)
On this granny square with football shape center, the football is designed to have satin ribbon woven through the outside rounds on the finished piece. This version also shows an example of granny square rounds worked all in one solid color, with instructions for this method.

02/05/05 - 2nd Version Football Center Granny Square Free Pattern
Another granny square with a football shape center. This square is larger, with more granny square rounds and shows a different version of the football center. This version also shows an example of granny square rounds worked in more than one color, with instructions for changing to a different color on a new round.

01/29/05 - Shell Path Headband Free Pattern
Free pattern for a shell stitch design crocheted headband. Example is shown in two colors.

01/22/05 - Multi-Color Three-Tier Rose Motif Free Pattern
Free pattern for a rose motif, crocheted with worsted weight yarn.

01/15/05 - Football Center Granny Type Afghan Square Free Pattern
A football shaped motif center afghan square.

01/08/05 - Stained Glass Look Bird Design Afghan Square Free Pattern
A colorful variegated yarn on black gives the look of stained glass to this bird design.

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