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12/31/06 - Split Circles Scarf Free Pattern
Openwork and solid sections form the design, with a contrasting color design added in surface stitches along the center row.

12/30/06 - Triangle Windows Easy Afghan Square Free Pattern
Triangle shaped openwork portions combined with solid sections form the design. This pattern is easy to crochet.

12/17/06 - Min and Max V-Stitch Triangles Afghan Square Free Pattern
Triangle shaped openwork portions combined with solid sections form the mini triangles and larger triangles design.

12/16/06 - New Year Theme Free Patterns
Year 2007 charted for filet crochet, with ideas for some uses. Also, an hourglass charted design.

12/08/06 - Thread Crocheted Snowflakes Free Patterns
A selection of links to free snowflake patterns, where the pattern examples were crocheted with thread.

12/07/06 - Triangle Trio Design Afghan Square Free Pattern
Three triangle shaped openwork portions combined with solid sections form the design. This square is the same size as my Little Triangles Square and my Semicircles Square, so these could be combined within an afghan that is made of joined squares.

12/03/06 - Christmas Tree Ball Ornaments and Covers Free Patterns
Making a crocheted cover for a shiny metallic, glass or satin ball can quickly turn a plain Christmas tree ball ornament into something special. This is a list of links to free crochet patterns for Christmas tree ball covers and ornaments.

11/29/06 - Little Triangles Design Afghan Square Free Pattern
In this design, openwork and solid sections form the look of a column of triangles.

11/21/06 - Semicircles Afghan Square Free Pattern
In this design, openwork and solid sections form the look of a column of half-circles.

11/21/06 - Remaining Loops Used When Working The Outside Round of a Square
Photo illustrating the outside round of an afghan square in-progress, showing how the remaining loops of the starting chain are used when doing this.

11/11/06 - Learn To Crochet a Baby Blanket or Lapghan
Free learning pattern to crochet an easy baby blanket. This size can also be used as a lapghan. The directions are written out in full words (no abbreviations) to help beginning crocheters.

11/05/06 - Adding a Fifth Round to a Six-Sided Granny Motif
Pattern directions for crocheting a fifth round on a granny style motif that has six sides. Two sets of directions, for continuing in the same color or for making this round in a new color. Photo showing the look of a motif made all in one solid color.

11/04/06 - Crocheted Christmas Ornaments Free Patterns List
Links are divided by type and by theme. At the end of each list are links to the other themes - animal and ocean creature ornaments, gingerbread ornaments, wreath ornaments and more.

10/30/06 - Lime Green Jungle Spider Yarn Wristlet Free Pattern
A crocheted decorative wrist band with a lime green spider as the center design and a camouflage look yarn background. Crocheted with worsted weight yarn.

10/29/06 - Leaves and Leaf Theme Free Patterns
A list of links to free patterns for crocheted leaves and items with a leaf theme. Afghans, squares, appliques, filet crochet and more.

10/28/06 - Crocheted Orange Spider Yarn Wristlet Free Pattern
A crocheted decorative wrist band with an orange spider as the center design. Crocheted with worsted weight yarn for a quick project.

10/25/06 - Watercolor Hexagons Scarf Join-As-You-Go Motifs Free Pattern
This scarf is an example of one join-as-you-go method for joining motifs. The photo example shows a scarf made of eight hexagon shaped motifs. Add as many additional motifs as desired, for a longer scarf.

10/20/06 - Turtle Theme Free Patterns
Links to free patterns around the Internet that are in themes of turtles.

10/14/06 - Crocheted Necklaces Free Patterns
Links to free patterns around the Internet for crocheted necklaces of various types, ranging from easy to advanced skill levels. Some are crocheted with beads. There are even some patterns for wire crochet.

10/12/06 - Women's Vests Free Patterns
Links to free crochet patterns for vests in women's styles and sizes.

10/10/06 - Zig-Zag Stripe Headband Free Pattern
In response to a question on how to make a ripple or zig-zag pattern have a straight edge, I started with a basic zig-zag and experimented with some progressively taller stitches, creating this pattern as an example of one way to make a straight edge on a zigzag item.

10/07/06 - White Center Example For Shells and Waves Afghan Square
With the holes in the design that give the look of lines radiating out from the center, using a lighter color for the center gives the illusion of depth to the square.

10/05/06 - Football Shaped Double Size Coaster Free Crochet Pattern
This coaster is large enough to be used with a tankard, large mug or two regular size mugs. Great for football game parties.

10/01/06 - So Easy Headband Narrow Version Free Crochet Pattern
This pattern is made in single crochet and is easy enough for a beginner. There is an optional chains embellishment that can be added to the center.

09/27/06 - Flower Theme Afghans Free Patterns
Links to free patterns for crocheted afghans that have a flower theme.

09/22/06 - Crocheted Hats Free Patterns By Type
Links to free hat patterns, divided by type of hat: beret, front brim or newsboy styles.

09/19/06 - Shells and Waves Afghan Square Free Pattern
This is an easy pattern for an afghan square in rows of shells and double crochet, finished with rounds to complete the design.

09/17/06 - Pullover Sweaters in Women's Styles and Sizes Free Patterns
A list of links to free patterns for crocheted pullover sweaters in Fall and Winter styles.

09/16/06 - Bat Headband Free Crochet Pattern
This is an easy headband to crochet. The bat shape is added in cross-stitch on the finished single crochet front of the head band.

09/10/06 - Women's Cardigan Sweaters Free Patterns
A list of links to free patterns for crocheted cardigan sweaters in Fall and Winter styles.

09/09/06 - Sweaters For Kids Free Patterns
A selection of links to free patterns for crocheted sweaters in children's sizes.

09/08/06 - Football Shaped Crocheted Coaster Free Pattern
You could make this football theme coaster in favorite team colors.

08/27/06 - Afghans For Kids Free Patterns
Top Picks - Free patterns for fun afghans that kids will like.

08/26/06 - Airplane Design Free Pattern - Number Five In Aircraft Series
Free pattern for a chart featuring an airplane, part of an aircraft charted design series. The charts could be used to make crocheted afghan squares to join into an Aircraft Afghan.

08/18/06 - Scallop Edging For Little Bags Free Pattern
This scallop design edging is sized for adding to little bags, with an example of this edging added to a crocheted cell phone bag.

08/17/06 - Easy-Open Rings Closure For Cell Phone Bags
I wanted to come up with a cell phone bag closure that would open very easily, even when using only one hand to open the bag. This Rings Closure can be used instead of a button and also adds to the look of the design.

08/12/06 - Cell Phone Bag With Openwork Center Design Free Pattern
I gave this little cell phone bag an openwork design on the front of the bag. Photos of examples made with various yarns.

07/25/06 - Sunbursts Small Lace Doily With Ruffle Edging Free Pattern
I designed this small doily in an openwork lace design and gave it an edging with ruffled portions.

07/23/06 - Triangle Shaped Summer Shawls Free Patterns
Shawls with an openwork design, in a triangle shape.

07/18/06 - Lace Flower Face Cloth Free Pattern
This is a face cloth with a flower shape, in an openwork design, crocheted with cotton yarn.

07/15/06 - Crocheted Summer Cardigans Free Patterns
A selection of links to free patterns for crocheted cardigans that have an openwork design or that are made with lightweight cotton yarn for summer wear.

07/12/06 - USA Tote Bag or Plain Medium Size Tote Bag Free Pattern
This is a medium size tote bag with an optional cross-stitch of the letters USA added to the front. You work with only one color at a time while crocheting this pattern.

06/29/06 - Star Filet Stitch Square Free Pattern
This practice square accompanies my photo tutorial for the star filet stitch, which is a combination of filet crochet and the star stitch.

06/23/06 - Shell Triangles Afghan Free Pattern
I created this design in June 2005 and used it for a scarf pattern, which I gave sections of alternating colors. I called it Monet Color Blocks Scarf. Now I've worked out the directions for repeats of this same design to be made into an afghan. I've figured the directions for 3 different afghan sizes.

06/04/06 - Daffodil Theme Free Patterns List
Items that have a daffodil flower within the design.

06/04/06 - Pansy Theme Free Patterns List
Items that have a pansy flower within the design.

06/04/06 - Daisy Theme Free Patterns List
Items that have a daisy flower within the design.

06/02/06 - Stairsteps Texture and Open Path Afghan Free Pattern
Knowing that some people prefer to crochet afghans in one piece rather than in squares to be joined, I combined the designs of two of my updown afghan squares and wrote directions for crocheting as a one-piece afghan. This afghan has lines of texture patterning with open path portions, combining my Stairsteps Texture Square and my Open Path Square. I've figured the starting chains and pattern differences for 4 different sizes in this design.

05/28/06 - Fabulous and Flirty Crochet Book Review
Find out about the types of patterns for crocheted fashions and the special features found in the book Fabulous and Flirty Crochet.

05/21/06 - Free Patterns For Crocheted Summer Clothing
A list of links to free patterns to crochet tank tops and halter tops.

05/20/06 - Learn 3-dc Mesh In Filet Crochet
Photos showing close-up looks, with explanations of the stitches used in crocheting the various types of mesh in filet crochet, when working in a 3-dc mesh.

05/14/06 - How To Make A Lacet In Filet Crochet
This how-to gives instructions for making a filet crochet lacet and how to do the stitches that are in the next row above a lacet.

05/14/06 - Lacy Afghan Free Pattern (2 sizes)
This is an easy pattern to crochet. I've given several starting chains for different sizes.

05/12/06 - Easy Extra Long Scarf for Fashion Wrap Styles
This is an easy pattern to crochet. I designed this scarf in an extra long style, which lends itself to many possibilities for ways to wrap it for various looks ... or you can wear it with each side simply hanging straight for the longest possible scarf look. It is crocheted in long rows, with only 7 rows to complete the scarf.

05/09/06 - Drawstring Tote With Optional Liberty Bell
A handy crocheted tote, with a drawstring top and an example showing an optional color pattern of a USA liberty bell added to the front of the bag. You could also make the tote all in one solid color (without the liberty bell added).

05/04/06 - Rose Theme Free Patterns List
Free patterns that have a rose in the design, with patterns divided by type of item. Accessories, clothing, doilies and more.

05/03/06 - How To Do The Crossed Double Crochet Stitch
Instructions, with step-by-step photos, to learn how to make the crossed double crochet stitch. How to make it cross in different directions, with hints for the various methods.

05/01/06 - Stairsteps Texture UpDown Afghan Square
I gave this square in the series a line of texture patterning (different than the others). This is the same size as the other up-down variation squares that I designed and could be combined for a sampler afghan.

04/30/06 - UpDown and Open Path Texture Afghan Square
Here's another up-down variation square that I created for this textured afghan square series. This one has an area of openwork patterning (different than the others). This is the same size as the other up-down variation squares that I came up with and could be combined for a sampler afghan.

04/29/06 - Half Motif For Use With Six-Sided Granny Style Shapes
This half motif can be used to fit together with six-sided shapes to make the edge straight when on the last round of joining six-sided granny style motifs.

04/29/06 - How To Do The Lazy Daisy Embroidery Stitch
Instructions, with step-by-step photos, to learn how to make the lazy daisy embroidery stitch. Making embroidered flowers and other embroidery designs on crocheted and knitted items has become a popular embellishment.

04/23/06 - Edgings Free Crochet Pattern Links
Free crochet patterns for various types of crocheted edgings. I've arranged the edgings by width; narrow, average width or wide, followed by links to filet crochet edgings and edgings crocheted on rick rack.

04/23/06 - Bolero Crochet Pattern Links
A resource for finding patterns for crocheted boleros. Links to free patterns and a listing of bolero patterns that can be purchased online.

04/23/06 - Crocheting An Edging Directly Into Fabric
Basic directions for preparing to crochet directly into fabric, how to make the holes, starting the crocheting.

04/22/06 - UpDown And Openwork Texture Afghan Square Free Pattern
I put my imagination to work and created another afghan square, which alternates the up-down stitch with areas of other stitches that make openwork portions in the design. This is the same size as the first two up-down squares that I came up with and could be combined for a sampler afghan.

04/21/06 - Texture Stripes UpDown Variation Square Free Pattern
Another new afghan square, using the up-down stitch patterning as part of the design. This pattern is made with only basic single crochet and double crochet stitches but creates a texture design.

04/15/06 - Up-Down Stitch Variation Afghan Square Free Pattern
In creating this pattern, I alternated the up-down stitch with areas of other stitch combinations to make a variation on the traditional all-over up-down stitch patterning. This pattern is made with only single crochet and double crochet stitches but creates a texture design.

04/09/06 - Spring Flowers Handbag Free Pattern
Another original handbag pattern, decorated with delicate flowers that are added to the finished bag and an optional flowered fringe edging.

04/08/06 - Crocheted Skirts Top Fashions At Online Shops
If you are interested in seeing the types of crocheted fashions that have become popular in the fashion world, you might enjoy browsing the photos of these selections of crocheted skirts that are being sold through various online shops.

04/07/06 - Crocheted Fashion Shawls and Wraps Ready-Made Online Sources
Enjoy browsing photos of crocheted fashions that are available at various shops online.

04/02/06 - Rabbit Free Chart
Hints for using the chart for filet crochet or for cross-stitch on a crocheted background.

03/28/06 - Handbag With Dachshund Dog Theme Free Pattern
This free crochet pattern for a handbag can be made with a dachshund dog theme (as shown in the example) but the texture design has enough appeal to use it with no cross-stitch added to the finished bag, if you prefer.

03/25/06 - Loop and Bar Lace Drawstring Bag Free Pattern
In this pattern, a drawstring top made of rows of chain loops, is used as a closure for the bag. A pretty loop and bar lace edging decorates the lower edge. There are extra photos throughout the pattern to refer to while making the bag.

03/25/06 - Downsized Loop and Bar Lace Free Pattern
I've resized the antique loop and bar lace and have written crochet instructions for the shorter version, along with new photos showing examples of this lace.

03/19/06 - Baby Chick Front View Written Instructions For Filet Crochet In A 3dc Mesh
Instructions written out, row by row, for crocheting this baby chick filet crochet design in a three double crochet mesh. If you are new to chart-reading, comparing the written directions to the chart, as you go along, can help you become familiar with crocheting from a chart or graph.

03/17/06 - Vs and Fans Window Drawstring Purse Free Pattern
This pattern shows how to convert two Vs and Fans Window Squares into a purse with a drawstring top.

03/14/06 - Vs and Fans Window Square Free Pattern
This square has a separate layer with a different color that shows through an openwork portion of the main piece. This results in a two-color square but you only have to work with one color at a time while crocheting it.

03/12/06 - Vs and Fans Bookmark Free Pattern
This bookmark is crocheted with easy double crochet, chains and V-stitches. On a separate pattern page, I've given directions for an optional Marker Tail With Bead that I created for this bookmark pattern.

03/11/06 - Easy Lacy Double Shells Scarf Free Pattern
This easy scarf is a wider version of my lacy shells scarf. An easy pattern, suitable for beginners. I have included extra photos to illustrate how to crochet parts of the pattern.

03/04/06 - U.S. Steel Crochet Hook Size Matched To Approximate Thread Size To Use
A chart that can be helpful in deciding upon a hook size to use with a certain size of crochet thread.

03/01/06 - Easy Lacy Shells Scarf Free Pattern
Made with easy double crochet and chain stitches. This is a good project for beginners who have learned how to do the double crochet stitch. I have included extra photos (and links to even more photos) to help with parts of the pattern that a beginning crocheter might have questions about.

02/22/06 - Lacy Crochet Pattern Extra Photos For How-To Reference
Additional close-up photos, with stitches marked, along with extra explanation and hints for the lacy lapghan pattern.

02/18/06 - Crocheting Half Circles
In response to email requests for instructions on how to crochet a basic half circle, I've put together directions and made example photos for half circles in single crochet and in double crochet.

02/12/06 - Extra Photos To Help In Crocheting Spider Lace
These photos show how to crochet parts of the spider lace and blocks design, which is used in crocheting a shawl wrap and a scarf pattern on this site. There are step-by-step close-up photos, showing how to gather up the chain lengths in row 7 of the spider lace design.

02/11/06 - Cross Theme Free Crochet Patterns
Arranged by category. Links to free crochet patterns for items with a cross theme. Afghan squares with crosses, Bible covers, cross shaped appliques, bookmarks and more.

02/05/06 - Online Sources For Embroidery Print Caron Simply Soft Yarn
Useful for crocheted stained glass look projects. (I have used it in the examples for several patterns that I have made available on this site and have had requests since for a listing of sources for locating this yarn).

02/01/06 - Spider Lace and Blocks Seaman's Style Scarf
A free pattern for a crocheted scarf, with a lace design, similar to the Spider Lace and Blocks Afghan Square pattern on this site.

02/01/06 - Zig-Zag and Ripple Free Patterns For Items Other Than Afghans
A selection of links to free crochet patterns for various items, all with a ripple or zig-zag pattern in the design. Accessories, clothing and more.

01/29/06 - Free Patterns For Advanced Beginners
This is a selection of free pattern links for the crochet skill level of advanced beginner; someone who knows some crochet basics and is ready to learn more. Many of the link descriptions include an extra link to a how-to that will help the beginning crocheter learn how to do a certain part of that pattern.

01/28/06 - Aran Design Free Patterns
Free patterns for crocheted items in an aran design. Texture stitches, and sometimes cables, are used in these patterns, for experienced crocheters. Afghans, hats, scarves, sweaters and more.

01/24/06 - Shawl Wrap In Crocheted Spider Lace and Blocks Design Free Pattern
This lacy wrap can be worn in various ways, with different views shown in extra photos on the pattern page.

01/21/06 - Stained Glass Look Scarf Free Pattern
This scarf is worked in long rows, so that there is no weaving in of ends. The scarf is 3 inches wide. I used the antique pineapple stitch in creating this scarf pattern. I've included extra hints, extra pattern directions and extra photos to help make it easier and more enjoyable for you to crochet this type of stitch pattern.

01/21/06 - Free Patterns For Dog Fashions, Crocheted Sweaters For Dogs
A selection of links to free crochet patterns for dog fashions. Crocheted sweaters for dogs that are sizes from small to large.

01/14/06 - Free Charts of Small Numbers Charted For Filet Crochet
Small numbers charted for filet crochet or for cross-stitch in solid color silhouette. These charted small numbers will fit within the center area of my Hearts Border With Blank Center design.

01/13/06 - The Red Scarf Project
The Orphan Foundation of America has organized this project to collect handknitted and crocheted scarves, preferably in shades of red, for OFA to send to foster youth in Valentines Day care packages. Details, press release, involvement of Interweave Knits Magazine, The National Needlearts Association, Einstein Bros. Bagels and needlework designer Lily Chin.

01/13/06 - Crocheting Outside Afghan Rounds Around A Filet Crochet Center
Instructions that I have written for rounds that are crocheted around a filet crochet piece to make an afghan. This set of instructions are geared especially for my Dragonfly Afghan filet crochet design but could also be adapted for other filet crochet pieces that you would want to make into an afghan.

01/12/06 - Free Patterns With Frog Themes
A gift of a crocheted stuffed frog will often be a favorite with a little boy. Or perhaps you know someone of any age who is a collector of frog themed items. Here's a listing of free frog theme patterns that may be helpful in finding items to crochet for gifts (or for yourself).

01/08/06 - The Sandi Marshall Cape
Photos of the cape that I designed in early Fall of 2005, with a link to the free pattern page. This is a versatile pattern, that can be a short capelet or a longer cape. I've put together a little photo tour, showing examples of my cape pattern crocheted in various ways, with details on how to use my pattern to get that certain finished result. A link to the free pattern is on each photo page.

01/08/06 - Crocheting With "Yarn" Made From Plastic Bags
Learn how to prepare ordinary plastic grocery or shopping bags for crocheting. Links to instructions for turning plastic bags into yarn, hints and free patterns.

01/08/06 - Free Patterns For Plastic Bag Holders
Links to free patterns for decorative crocheted holders and dispensers for storing plastic grocery and shopping bags.

01/01/06 - Year 2006 Free Chart
Charted for filet crochet. The design has a hearts border and would be pretty used as a wall hanging, pillow front or as part of an afghan. There are links to other hearts border charts which are the same size so that they can be combined within a project.

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