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12/31/99 - His 'n Her Hats
Free patterns for a man's ski hat with chin strap and a lady's crocheted tam with rose.

12/18/99 - Reindeer Head Ornament
Free pattern for a little reindeer to crochet for your tree.

12/12/99 - Beaded Purse Pattern
Free pattern for a 1902 Crocheted Bead Chatelaine; crocheted-in beads form a star design.

12/04/99 - Free Gift Tags
Vintage and Holiday themed gift tags for you to print out. The vintage tags are suitable for year-round gift-giving occasions.

11/28/99 - Hats From the Past
Free patterns to crochet hat styles from the 1940's back to 1917.

11/20/99 - Crocheting a Lace Edging on Fabric
Learn the methods for crocheting an edging around a fabric circle. Vintage doily pattern with fabric center.

11/13/99 - 1940s Crocheted Handbags
Now you can make your own 1940s-style handbags with these free patterns for three different styles.

11/06/99 - Early Uses of Filet Crochet
Free chart to make your own vintage rose yoke in filet crochet.

10/30/99 - Spider Web Doily
This is the authentic vintage spider web doily pattern.

10/23/99 - Pineapple Lace Motif How-to
Starting with the first chain-4, eight photos show the steps in crocheting a basic pineapple motif.

10/16/99 - Cat Chart
Would make a great black cat for Halloween; chart is suitable for filet crochet, crocheting colors in or to cross stitch on crocheted sc or afghan stitch background.

10/02/99 - Oval Rag Rug Pattern
Crochet it with fabric strips (or substitute two strands of yarn held together). Use same basic oval instructions to crochet placemats or other oval items.

09/25/99 - Crocheting Rag Rugs Basics
Crocheting with fabric - type of fabric to use, width of strips, how to prepare the strips.

09/11/99 - Filet Crochet Chart - 1919
Chart for a filet crochet edging; one repeat of the chart makes a decorative pocket for clothing.

08/28/99 - Vintage Single-Tassel Patterns
Crocheters in the early 1900s came up with some interesting ways to crochet tops for single tassels.

08/14/99 - Tassels in Vintage Patterns - Three-tassel Curtain Pull
Pattern circa early 1940s; top part of design is crocheted around a ring, with three tassels hanging, for an interesting look.

07/31/99 - Design/Color Inspiration from Non-Crochet Sources
Reviews of some interesting quilt books that can be a valuable source of inspiration to crocheters. Take a look!

07/25/99 - Double Ruffled Doily
From 1949, doily has a swirl pattern center, fanning out into two frilly ruffles.

07/17/99 - Tasseled Edging
Edging with tassels that would be great on a bedspread. These 1923 instructions rewritten by Sandi in today's crochet terms.

07/03/99 - Venetian Crochet - Leaves/Grapes
Vintage applique instructions for leaves and grapes. These 1915 instructions rewritten by Sandi in today's crochet terms.

06/19/99 - Venetian Crochet - Edging and Collar
A vintage square that can be used to make a lace edging or collar. These 1915 instructions rewritten by Sandi in today's crochet terms.

06/05/99 - Unusual Vintage Edgings/Rings
Vintage patterns with an interesting use of crocheted rings within the designs. The 1914 instructions rewritten by Sandi in today's crochet terms.

05/22/99 - All About Crochet at About.com
This page can help you familiarize yourself with everything this crochet site has to offer.

05/08/99 - Learning to Crochet
Steps in learning to crochet, along with selected projects to practice each step.

05/01/99 - Teaching Children to Crochet
Chains Scrunchie: A project for kids to make (they only have to know how to crochet a chain).

04/17/99 - Beginner Projects
Dishcloth and doll blanket patterns with step-by-step photo how-to's and extra explanation for beginners.

04/03/99 - 1915 Finger-Purse Coin Purse Pattern
Learn a bit about the history of crochet purses; crochet your own piece of history!

03/20/99 - Swedish Weaving on a Crocheted Background
How-to for this very old craft, modernized for a crochet embellishment. Try it! It's fun!

03/06/99 - Knot Stitch Checkerboard Square Pattern
There are a lot of possibilities for ways to use these squares. What will you make with them? Two versions given in this free pattern.

02/20/99 - Bell Towel Topper Pattern
Airy knot stitches combine with solid stitches on this bell-shaped TT. Link to knot stitch how-to given.

02/10/99 - Patterns with Hearts
Links to many free heart patterns, sorted by category.

01/23/99 - Cross-over Shell How-to
Step-by-step photos and the formula you can use to make any size square or a full size afghan with this beautiful stitch.

01/09/99 - Joining Crochet Pieces
Tips for different ways to join squares or motifs.

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