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9/20/08 - Crunch Texture Wristbands - Free Pattern
I've worked out three different starting chain lengths for a narrow wristband (or exercise sweatband), wristwarmer and a longer wrist/arm warmer.

9/6/08 - Pointed Edging Double Crochet Cloth - Free Pattern
Within the pattern, I've given links to two of my help photos for this cloth, which show a closer look at the stitch combinations used in crocheting it. These photos can also aid a beginner in learning how to understand the meanings of written crochet pattern directions.

8/31/08 - Trebles Capelet - Free Pattern
This capelet works up fairly fast in treble stitches. The drawstring top makes it possible for each size to fit a range of sizes, from extra-small through plus sizes.

8/23/08 - Sash Belt or Skinny Scarf in Slanted V-Stitches - Free Pattern
This can be worn as a sash belt or as a skinny scarf. It is worked in long rows. Three different starting chains are given for various lengths.

8/22/08 - Slanted Vs and Ridges Scarf - Free Pattern
This scarf is worked in long rows. In this design, I made the v-stitches pull into a slanted direction (the first paragraph of my directions explain how). I gave three starting chain choices for different lengths.

8/15/08 - Half a Dozen Curliques Scrunchie - Free Pattern
This scrunchie has six curliques made around the hair elastic circle, with chain loops (that ruffle) crocheted between the curliques. You can learn how a crocheted curlique is made while making this hair accessory.

8/10/08 - Boxed Shell Lined Bag - Free Pattern
This medium size handbag has an openwork outer layer and a liner in a contrasting color behind the boxed shell design front.

8/3/08 - Basic Single Crochet Triangle Scarf - Free Pattern
This basic triangle head scarf is made in single crochet. You will sometimes see this type of head piece called a kerchief, babushka headscarf or do-rag. You could personalize yours by adding an applique in your favorite theme.

8/2/08 - Solid Shell Towel Topper - Free Pattern
This is a crocheted top for a kitchen towel, in a solid shell stitch design.

7/26/08 - Bat Silhouette Cross Stitched on Crocheted Wide Wrist Band

7/25/08 - Small Chart of a Bat - Free Chart
This charted pattern can be useful for filet crochet or for cross stitch on crochet.

7/24/08 - Wide Crocheted Wristband with Area for Cross Stitch - Free Pattern
This crocheted wristband has a single crochet flat area where a cross stitch design can be added to the finished band. The other rows are in ribbing to provide stretch for a comfortable fit.

7/19/08 - Crunch Texture Rows Afghan Square - Free Pattern
In this afghan square, texture rows alternate with sections of plain single crochet rows. When crocheted with worsted weight yarn, the square measures eight inches (or nine inches with two outside rounds added).

7/12/08 - Bumpy Boxes Mini Tote Bag - Free Pattern
This tote bag is made by adding to two crocheted afghan squares. You can substitute other squares of your choice and could even make little party favor bags by using crochet thread instead, to crochet the squares and the tote pieces. If desired, you could personalize yours, using appliques or buttons.

7/11/08 - Bumpy Boxes Afghan Square - Free Pattern
Texture stitches are used to create the bumpy look in this crochet pattern design.

7/5/08 - Curlique Scrunchie - Free Pattern
You can learn how a crocheted curlique is made while making this hair accessory. The curliques give a fun look to this scrunchie.

6/28/08 - Chains in Waves Wristband - Free Pattern
This narrow wristband has color accents that are made with surface stitches, making it possible to work with only one color at a time.

6/25/08 - Funky Bumps Wristband - Free Pattern
A base wristband is crocheted, with surface rows added to make a bumpy design in a second color. This funky look might especially appeal to teens and kids.

6/20/08 - Lovely Solid Shells Baby Bib - Free Pattern
The main piece of this bib is crocheted in solid shell stitch.

6/15/08 - Crunch Texture Cotton Washcloth - Free Pattern
Alternating double crochet and slip stitch make the textured design happen in this pattern, making a bumpy surface that's just right for a washcloth.

6/14/08 - Crooked Little Square - Free Pattern
A unique, off center, uneven design look.

6/14/08 - Look of Crooked Little Square in Pink and Black
This photo shows an example of the Crooked Little Square with two colors, alternating to the other color on each new row. The uneven design shows up the most when using two colors on this square.

6/7/08 - Offset Mesh Dishcloth - Free Pattern
This dishcloth is made in offset mesh stitch, making a flexible crocheted cloth. Quick, easy project.

6/7/08 - Vs and Steps Dishcloth - Free Pattern
Alternating double and single crochet make the off balance effect for steps across the rows, accented by v-stitches along the center.

6/7/08 - Vs and Steps Dishcloth, Extra Photo to go with the Pattern
This photo shows the center portion of Rows 1 - 3, so that you can clearly see the stitches used. Taking a look at this photo can help to readily understand the crochet directions for the Vs and Steps Dishcloth pattern.

6/1/08 - Woodsy Shells 'n Mesh Roomy Tote Bag - Free Pattern
This is a roomy size tote bag crocheted in a shells and mesh-look design. I crocheted the example in the colors Woodsy and Dark Sage.

6/1/08 - Offset Shells with Vs Square - Free Pattern
This afghan square features vertical lines of offset shells, along with a line of v-stitches at the center of the square.

5/25/08 - Offset Shell Prayer Shawl - Free Pattern
This shawl is in a long rectangular shape, commonly called a prayer shawl style. Three lines of my variation of offset shells run along the crocheted shawl.

5/24/08 - Offset Shells 12 Inch Square - Free Pattern
This square is accented with two lines of my variation of offset shells.

5/24/08 - Learn to Crochet Offset Shells - Free How-To
I've marked the stitches right on the photos, to make it easy to learn how to crochet my variation of the traditional offset shell stitch.

5/17/08 - Shells and Mesh Flat Tote Bag - Free Pattern
This tote bag pattern has an openwork design created with areas of shell stitches and a mesh look. I've figured starting chains for crocheting the bag in three sizes.

5/3/08 - Corner in Shell Block Square - Free Pattern
This square is in solid stitches except for one corner, which is made in the shell block pattern. The squares can be turned in various ways, when joining them, to create patterning with the directions in which the openwork corners are arranged, similar to the way that quilt blocks might be arranged in multiple ways for different looks.

5/3/08 - Zoomed-in Photo of the Openwork Portion of the Corner in Shell Block Square

5/3/08 - Photo: Openwork Diamond Shape Formed w/ Four Joined Squares Made with the Corner in Shell Block Square Pattern

5/3/08 - Photo: Openwork Diagonal Lines Formed w/ Four Joined Squares Made with the Corner in Shell Block Square Pattern

4/26/08 - Easy sc-dc with Mesh Center Afghan Square Free Pattern
With this pattern, beginning crocheters can practice single crochet and double crochet, as well as skipping a stitch and crocheting in a chain space. The pattern can also be enjoyable for experienced crocheters.

4/18/08 - Easy sc-dc Square Free Pattern
Beginners often ask for very easy patterns that will still hold their interest. This pattern can be an answer for that. The pattern isn't just for beginners but I've given extra explanation and help links for anyone who is a beginning crocheter.

4/13/08 - Easy Triangle Shaped Motif
This motif is made in four easy rounds. If anyone has questions while crocheting the first two rounds, refer to my photos in my Basic Triangle Shape tutorial.

4/12/08 - How to Crochet a Basic Triangle Shape
I've taken photos of the rounds in progress, to make it easy to learn how to crochet a triangle.

4/6/08 - Sun Decorative Wrist Band - Free Pattern
Crocheted with worsted weight yarn, this decorative wrist band works up quickly. It could be made with cotton worsted weight yarn for an exercise band or for summer wear. For cold weather wear, use worsted weight yarn made of acrylic, wool or other fibers.

4/6/08 - Photos - Showing 4 Different Buttons Used on Sun Wrist Band
The button used in the center can dramatically change the look of the finished wrist band.

3/22/08 - CarrotRabbitghan - Free Pattern
You might know a child who would love to receive this as a gift from you. I've shown the rabbit and carrot filet crochet pieces joined, with instructions for the method that I used for finishing the joined pieces with outside rounds.

3/20/08 - Easy Boxed Shell Columns Afghan - Free Pattern
I created this pattern with beginners in mind, with the goal of coming up with a design that would be easy yet not so simple that it might be boring. Experienced crocheters can also enjoy making afghans from this pattern. I've given some extra explanation and help links for the benefit of beginning crocheters.

3/14/08 - Carrot Charted Pattern
I created this carrot chart to accompany the rabbit chart on the site.

3/9/08 - Ruffled Edge Box Shell Skirt (or Cape or Beach Coverup)
A skirt made from this pattern would be worn as an overskirt over a fabric skirt. Or, using cotton yarn, it could be used as a beach wrap skirt or long cape coverup to put on over a swimsuit. It can be made in any length that you choose.

3/7/08 - How to Crochet a Basic Brimmed Hat Sized for Babies and Toddlers
I used a self-striping sport weight yarn to crochet the example but wrote the directions in a way that will allow you to substitute any brand, weight and type of yarn that you choose.

2/24/08 - Help Photos for Learning to Crochet the Boxed Shell Stitch Pattern
Photos showing a closer look at the boxed shell stitch pattern, helpful to refer to when crocheting items that include this type of stitch pattern. Links to free patterns that have this boxed shell stitch used in the item.

2/18/08 - Half Circle Purse
I designed this in a half circle shape, crocheting an example with a self striping yarn. Instead of making the front and back as two separate pieces to be sewn together, I designed the front and back to be crocheted as one continuous piece. Try this pattern out, to see how I did it.

2/18/08 - Help Photo for Crocheting Back Part of Half Circle Purse
Click the link named Next under the photo to see additional help photos for that pattern.

2/7/08 - Ideas for Things to Make Using Filet Crochet Charts
Suggestions for items that can be made, beginning with a crocheted piece that was made by following a filet crochet chart.

2/6/08 - Dangling Hearts Charted Design
This could be useful for a Valentine's Day project but is also great for any time of year. Free pattern.

2/2/08 - Boxed Shell Cape
Starting chains for sizes extra small - extra large. Each will fit a range of sizes due to the drawstring top. The photo shows a medium length but it could be made shorter for a capelet or longer for a full cape. The stitch pattern is easy to memorize so the crocheting goes along fairly fast.

1/24/08 - Shells and Loops Large Hexagon Shaped 6-Sided Motif
A 6-sided motif with 23 rounds, with a shells design. Chain loops on the last rounds give a lacy look to the outer edge. Free pattern.

1/20/08 - Boxed Shell / Shells Path Combo Scarf
This scarf combines my boxed shell variation with rows of crocheted shells. Free pattern.

1/18/08 - Boxed Shell Window Afghan Square
Solid double crochet surrounds the boxed shell open area of the center. Free pattern.

1/12/08 - Circle Center Boxed Shell Six-Sided Hexagon Motif
This hexagon pattern begins with a circle center and continues in a varied boxed shell type design that I came up with. Free pattern.

1/06/08 - How to Make a Herringbone Double Crochet
This variation of the basic double crochet stitch results in a stitch that is slightly slanted. The next row slants in the opposite direction, creating a look similar to a herringbone fabric.

1/05/08 - My Version of the Traditional Boxed Shell Stitch
I came up with my own version of the traditional Boxed Shell Stitch, with a different look, also making it a bit faster to crochet.

12/20/07 - How to Make a Crocheted Cluster Over Skipped Stitches
There are five photos in this how-to series that clearly show how to make this crocheted stitch.

12/19/07 - Sun Rays Hexagon 6-Sided Motif - Free Pattern
This hexagon has the look of narrow sun rays radiating out from the center of the motif. When these motifs are joined, diamond shapes will be formed by the openwork lines on the motifs.

12/15/07 - Royal Crown Snowflake - Free Pattern
When I finished designing this snowflake, I thought that the edge reminded of the elegant shape of a queen's royal crown.

12/08/07 - Learning to Crochet a 3-Picot Group Made Easy With Photos
For this how-to tutorial, I created photos that show the steps in crocheting a group of three picots.

12/07/07 - Large Pastel Snowflake Coaster Free Pattern
This snowflake design coaster is large enough to be used with a big mug of hot chocolate. I crocheted examples in pastel colors but you might have other favorite colors in mind to use.

12/02/07 - Basic Techniques - Photos for Learning Crocheting
I've marked the stitches on the photos, as an aid for learning about crochet abbreviations and some other basics.

12/01/07 - Beginner Crochet Pattern - Easy Afghan Square
This is a great learning pattern for beginning crocheters to easily learn some basic crochet techniques, made easy with the extra photos that go along with the pattern directions.

11/25/07 - Chenille Hair Bow Free Pattern
To show a hair bow suitable for a holiday party, I crocheted the example with a soft chenille yarn that gives a look of velvet but other yarns can be substituted. It uses very little yarn for each bow so this can be a good project for using up leftover yarn.

11/22/07 - Puff Diamond Hexagon Motif Free Pattern
This six-sided motif is accented with puff stitch diamond shapes.

11/17/07 - Mini Cables Hexagon Motif Free Pattern
A hexagon shaped motif with crossed double crochet stitches giving the look of mini cables. When I was writing the instructions, I included guidelines for the motif rounds to be continued to reach any size you wish it to be.

11/10/07 - Fitted Ear Warmer Headband with Optional Tie-On Flower - Free Pattern
I designed this headband to be a little narrower towards the top so that the headband has a nicer fit. It could be worn by itself or combined with a winter hat, worn over a snug fitting hat for extra warmth in very cold temperatures.

10/21/07 - Corner Start Fan Shaped Dishcloth Free Pattern
I designed this dishcloth in a fan shape, with the pattern started in one corner and worked diagonally along two sides of the crocheted piece.

10/21/07 - Ghost Spider Crocheted Applique Free Pattern
A spider that has become a ghost, useful as a Halloween decoration.

10/21/07 - Chain of 5 Links Free Pattern
Shown as an applique added to a Halloween banner.

10/20/07 - Shells Leaf Applique Free Pattern
A leaf shape that has shell stitches within the design.

10/14/07 - Ghost with Bat Charted Pattern
This charted design could be crocheted for a banner or used as the front for a Halloween candy bag.

10/13/07 - Diagonal V-St Double Line Afghan
Made of joined Diagonal Double V-Stitch Line Squares. Examples given of several ways that the squares can be arranged for afghans.

10/10/07 - Diagonal Double V-Stitch Lines Square Free Pattern
This afghan square is started in one corner and worked to the other corner, in a combination of double crochet and v-stitches that form the double line design.

10/05/07 - Diagonal V-St Afghan
Made of joined Diagonal Single V-Stitch Line Squares.

10/04/07 - Diagonal Single V-Stitch Line Square Free Pattern
This square has a corner start, worked from one corner to the other corner, in a double crochet and v-stitch design.

09/27/07 - Extra Photos For Dotted Blocks Open Top Hat
A series of photos that give a closer look at the design. These can be helpful to refer to while crocheting the pattern.

09/27/07 - Dotted Blocks Open Top Hat or Wide Ski Headband Free Pattern
I created the dotted look design with crocheted texture stitches, alternating with flat areas of plain single crochet. I designed this open top hat to be a little narrower towards the top so that the hat has a nice fit.

09/22/07 - Extra Photos For Mini Cables Scarves
A series of photos that give closer looks at the stitches used in crocheting these patterns.

09/22/07 - Tradition Cables and Mini Cables Scarf Free Pattern
This scarf has a traditional cable that goes up the center, along with the look of mini cables made with crossed double crochet.

09/21/07 - Mini Cables Scarf Free Pattern
This scarf has a cable worked over 4 stitches, along with the look of mini cables made with crossed double crochet.

09/15/07 - Eight Inch Shell Block Columns Afghan Square Free Pattern
I worked out a pattern for a smaller version of my shell columns design for crocheters who look for afghan squares in an eight inch size.

09/07/07 - Circles and Fans Child's Scarf Free Pattern
The center has the look of a row of circles with fan shapes along the two edges.

09/06/07 - Shell Block Columns Potholder Free Pattern
Shells form the look of columns on the front piece of this potholder.

09/05/07 - Shell Block Columns Afghan Square Free Pattern
Shells form the look of columns on this crocheted afghan square.

09/04/07 - Mini Cables Wide Headband Free Pattern
This textured headband has the look of little cables.

09/03/07 - Shell Puff Block Square Free Pattern
This is a shells center design, with puff stitches added as a variation to my Shell Block Square pattern. I also downsized this one, for anyone who may be looking for squares in a five inch size.

09/02/07 - Photos Showing Close Look at Rows 3, 4 of Shell Block Square
These photos can be helpful to refer to when crocheting that pattern and may help beginners with questions that may come up. Click the link titled Next under a photo to see the next one (four close look photos altogether that illustrate parts of the Shell Block Square pattern).

09/02/07 - Shell Block Afghan Square Free Pattern (9 - 10 inch size)
A block of shells gives a checkered effect to the center, surrounded by solid double crochet areas. This square is quick and easy to crochet, once you know the technique of crocheting in the space between shells. I've included a link to my photo showing a close look at the way this technique is done.

09/01/07 - Mini Cables Pet Blankie Free Pattern
This comfort blanket is sized for a cat, small dog or other small animal.

08/29/07 - Eight Inch Size Shell Block Square Free Pattern
A block of shells give a checkered effect to the center, surrounded by solid double crochet areas.

08/28/07 - Shell Block Scalloped Edge Dishcloth Free Pattern
Shells give a checkered look to the center of this cloth. A scalloped edging completes the look.

08/24/07 - Mini Cables Face Cloth Free Pattern
Directions for an average size cloth plus another starting chain for those who prefer a larger cloth.

08/04/07 - Working in Skipped Stitches - Cross-Over Long Double Crochet
Photos and instructions for a stitch pattern that uses the method of skipping a stitch and later working back into that stitch with a long double crochet.

07/29/07 - Crocheted Clusters - Free Patterns and Tutorials
A list of pages that show how to crochet various kinds of cluster stitches and also lists links to free patterns on this site that contain clusters within the pattern designs.

07/29/07 - Book Review: Bead Crochet Snakes by Adele Recklies
A book that contains facts and colorful photos about the fascinating history of European bead crochet snakes, as well as patterns designed by the author, with complete instructions and diagrams to crochet some beautiful snake designs as bracelets and necklaces. Read more ...

07/28/07 - Shells Oval Placemat and Close Photos of Stitches
The first photo shows a Make Any Size Shells Oval that works for a placemat, with instructions for the edging shown. Click Next under the photo to see the next one, with close looks at the stitches of the center and of the end increases.

07/27/07 - Shells Oval - Make It Any Size - Free Pattern
In creating this oval, I used lines of shell stitches, alternating with solid double crochet areas, writing the instructions in a way that allows you to continue the piece to result in any size that you want.

07/22/07 - How to Make an Oval Pattern Smaller or Larger
Hints for making an oval pattern smaller or larger. For example, this can be helpful if you want to make a tablecloth to fit a certain size table and you need to change a pattern to result in that finished size.

07/15/07 - Wavy Edge Shells Skinny Scarf Free Pattern
This scarf is easy to crochet and is an example of the use of remaining loops partway through the pattern. It is a No Weaving Ends pattern.

07/08/07 - Arm Warmer or Textured Fingerless Gloves Free Pattern
These are very comfy and are useful as wrist and arm warmers or can be used as fingerless gloves when worn partially covering the hand. I used stitches that would give a textured look, while also giving stretch to the rows, for a comfortable fit.

06/24/07 - Textured Stretch Wrist Band Free Pattern
To crochet this for summer wear or for an exercise band, use cotton worsted weight yarn.

06/17/07 - Five Easy V-Stitch Squares
Each square in this list has v-stitches used within the design. The finished squares are about 7 inches in diameter or 8 inches with two outside rounds of single crochet added.

06/10/07 - Shells Hair Tie Free Pattern
This pattern uses very little yarn so it can be a good way to use that last bit of yarn leftover from a skein. Fast and easy to crochet.

05/27/07 - Leaping Deer Design Mesh Market Bag Free Pattern
I started with a small antique filet crochet chart, which had no written directions. I wrote the filet crochet directions for that chart to be made into a square, then dreamed up this mesh bag as one way that the deer square could be made into another item.

05/19/07 - Deer Filet Crochet Free Pattern
Row by row directions in a filet crochet 3-dc mesh to accompany the chart.

05/15/07 - Photos of Rounds to Help in Crocheting the 1915 Finger-Purse Pattern
If you're wondering about any part of the pattern directions, these photos can be helpful to refer to.

05/12/07 - Long SC Laces Face Cloth Free Pattern
When I was designing this soft face cloth, I used long single crochet stitches to add a textured design. There's an inset on the photo of the cloth, to show a closer look at the stitches.

05/11/07 - Long SC Laces Headband Free Pattern
A narrow textured headband, which is another variation using sideways long single crochet stitches to add a design along the center of the band.

05/10/07 - Little Bird Tracks Headband Free Pattern
A textured headband that uses sideways long single crochet stitches to add a design along the center of the band.

05/06/07 - Free Patterns For Mother's Day or Anytime Gifts
Top picks of free crochet patterns for items that would be nice Mother's Day gifts or presents that you could make to give to Mom anytime.

05/04/07 - Stripes and Bars No Weaving Ends Scarf Free Pattern
In this pattern, you work with only one color at a time in each row, yet long stitches give the illusion of more than one color in some of the rows.

04/29/07 - Embroidery Chain Stitch Used as a Method for Joining Crochet to a Kitchen Towel
The embroidery common chain stitch can be used as a method for preparing a kitchen towel to add a crocheted towel topper. This photo how-to shows close detail of the steps for doing this.

04/21/07 - V-Stitch Towel Hanger With Woven Ribbon Free Pattern
Photos for a crocheted towel hanger top with a design using v-stitches. A link to the free crochet pattern is below the photo.

04/15/07 - Crocheting a Venetian Lace Motif Help Photos
Photos showing how to crochet parts of a Venetian style lace motif.

04/14/07 - Treble Vs Zig-Zag Path Scarf Free Pattern
In this scarf pattern, openwork and solid sections form the look of triangle shapes, with a zig-zag path of treble v-stitches leading to the next triangle.

04/01/07 - The Fun of Crocheting Socks
Links to free patterns for various types of crocheted socks, along with some links to photos that crocheters have posted of socks that they have made using some of the free patterns that are available on the Internet.

03/18/07 - Fun With V-Stitches Zig-Zag Path Scarf Free Pattern
A crocheted scarf with a design using easy v-stitches.

03/02/07 - A Face Cloth in the Antique Phylis Stitch Free Pattern
A face cloth pattern using an antique crochet stitch.

03/01/07 - Triangle Shawl Connected Hearts Design Free Pattern
Free pattern for a charted triangle shawl, with hearts theme design; example of filet crochet, using this chart.

02/24/07 - Shell Rounds Wide Headband Free Pattern
The photo example is in a crocheted headbands photo gallery; click on Continue Gallery when page loads. A link to the free pattern is below the photo. Shell rounds with a contrast color edge. A wide headband, great for winter wear.

02/17/07 - Home Sweet Home With Hearts and Lace Border Charted Design Free Pattern
Home Sweet Home, with hearts theme design.

02/15/07 - Quick Photo Tutorials For Crochet - At-A-Glance Step-By-Step Learning Photos
Condensed tutorials; images with photo steps for learning crochet stitches and techniques.

02/10/07 - Crocheted Headbands In Easy Shell Stitches Photo Gallery
Headbands crocheted with various colors and combinations of shell stitches. Links to the free patterns so that you can crochet your own to add these to your accessories wardrobe.

02/07/07 - Shades of Denim Headband Free Pattern
Crocheted in long oval rounds, with a lighter center accented by shells made in denim shades.

02/05/07 - Two-Color Solid Shell Afghan Square - 11 Inch Size Free Pattern
Solid shell stitches in alternating colors form wavy stripes on this square.

02/04/07 - Connected Hearts Charted Design Free Pattern
I designed this to symbolize the heartfelt love that connects individuals and families. This chart can be useful for filet crochet, crocheting with color changes (intarsia) or for cross-stitch.

02/02/07 - Shell Stripes Afghan Square 5 Inch Size Free Pattern
Wavy stripes in shell stitches.

01/29/07 - Solid Shell With Half DC Border Afghan Square Free Pattern
A combination of shell stitches, v-stitches and half double crochet form this interesting design.

01/27/07 - Solid Shell Dishcloth Free Pattern
This dishcloth pattern has the solid shell stitch within the design. It is easy to crochet.

01/23/07 - Top Basic Crochet Stitches
A list of the most basic stitches used in crocheting, along with links to US term instructions for learning how to do those crochet stitches.

01/23/07 - How To Make A Slip Stitch In Crochet - Uses For Slip Stitches
Instructions for doing a crocheted slip stitch, along with a list of some ways that slip stitches are used in crochet patterns.

01/19/07 - Little Triangles Scarf Free Pattern
An openwork design gives the look of little triangles on this scarf pattern. A fancy fringe in a tied pattern completes the scarf look.

01/18/07 - Crocheted Chain Fringe
Instructions and photos showing the steps for tying the crocheted chain fringe.

01/14/07 - Adding Join-As-You-Go Rounds To An Afghan Square
Instructions for adding rounds that make it possible to join afghan squares as you go along. Free how-to.

01/14/07 - Small Flower To Tie On Items For A Decorative Accent
This small flower has a tie on each side so that it can be easily added to another item or can be used as a temporary accent.

01/05/07 - Split Circles Shawl With Scalloped Edging Free Pattern
On the center portion of this shawl, openwork and solid sections form the design. An optional contrasting color design can be added in surface stitches along several rows. A scalloped pineapple edging completes the design.

01/04/07 - Circle Float Afghan Square Free Pattern
A solid circle surrounded by v-stitches. An (optional) contrasting color can be added in surface stitches along the center of the circle.

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