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Crochet Tips and Lessons - Back Loop Single Stitch - About.com
Learn about back loop single crochet stitch; what is it? How do you crochet it? Find the answers here!
Back Loops, Back Loop Only, or BLO in Crochet - About.com
Does your crochet pattern include instructions to work in BLO / back loops only? Wondering what this means? Find out here & get free patterns for this technique!
Front or Back Loop Only - Crochet - About.com
Photo showing what part of the stitch is crocheted in when a pattern says to crochet in back loop only or front loop only.
Crocheting Through the Loops - A Free Tutorial - About.com
Learn to crochet through the front and back loop of a stitch with this easy tutorial ... This magical little alteration is working through the back or front loops only of a  ...
Striped Back Loop Single Crochet Stitch - About.com
Learn how to work a two-color striped version of back loop single crochet stitch.
Instructions for How to Crochet a Tube in Striped Back Loop Single ...
In my team spirit hat, this stitch is worked in a rectangle, which is then used to form a tube. If you want to make a tube using this stitch, the instructions are slightly ...
Single Crochet Stitch Variations - About.com
Back Loop Single Crochet Stitch - These Single Crochet Stitches Were ... This single crochet swatch was made by working only in the back loops of the stitches.
Double Crochet Stitch Variations - About.com
Back Loop Double Crochet Stitch - Double Crochet Stitch Worked Through the Back Loops Only. Back Loop Double Crochet - Photo Amy Solovay ...
How to Crochet: Front and Back Loops Video
This is twelve chains, so I will be working eleven stitches of single crochet. Looking at the top of your stitches, what you'll see is the back loop which is here and ...
Loops in Crochet -- Learn All About Them - About.com
Front and Back Loops. What does "back loop only" mean? If you've encountered this perplexing phrase in a crochet pattern, and you have no idea what it means ...
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