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Bottle Cap Crochet Patterns and Craft Projects - About.com
You could toss your bottle caps in the trash, but that wouldn't be the most environmentally responsible option. There are plenty of crafts you can make with bottle ...
Snowflake Bottle Cap Trivet - Crochet - About.com
This bottle cap trivet is shaped like a snowflake. ... Similar Free Crochet Patterns: Bottle Cap Crochet Patterns and Craft Projects | Kitchen Patterns | Snowflake ...
How to End Off | Free Crochet Pattern for a Snowflake Bottle Cap Trivet
This page is part of a free crochet pattern for crocheting a snowflake-shaped trivet . Here we take a close look at how to end off when crocheting a circle shape.
Crochet Hot Pad and Trivet Patterns - About.com
These free crochet patterns give you some options for creating your own handmade hot pads and ... This easy trivet gets extra dimension from metal bottle caps.
Begin Crocheting a Circle Shape for a Bottle Cap Cover - About.com
Beginner's tutorial for crocheting a circle shape. This tutorial is part of a free crochet pattern for making a snowflake-shaped bottle cap trivet.
Free Instructions for Crocheting a Snowflake Bottle Cap Trivet ...
Double Crochet Stitch in Progress | Snowflake Bottle Cap Trivet Instructions ... Patterns · Earth Day Projects and Crochet Patterns · More Free Holiday Patterns.
Covering the Bottle Cap - Crochet - About.com
Learn how to cover a bottle cap; this free tutorial includes instructions for covering a bottle cap, plus a free crochet pattern for crocheting a snowflake-shaped ...
Finish Crocheting the Circle Shape for the Bottle Cap Cover
This is part of a multi-page tutorial for crocheting a bottle cap trivet shaped like a snowflake. ... a screw-top cap? Bottle Cap Crochet Patterns and Craft Projects ...
11 Free Crochet Snowflake Patterns - About.com
This simple crocheted trivet is shaped like a retro-style mod snowflake. The three- dimensional effect is created using metal bottle caps, which are covered with ...
Free Crochet Kitchen Patterns for Dishcloths and More - About.com
See the master list of free crochet dishcloth patterns; this list has photos of each dishcloth design. Faux knit ... Snowflake Crochet Bottle Cap Trivet. Snowflake ...
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