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Bottle Cap Crochet Patterns and Craft Projects - About.com
Bottle Cap Crochet Patterns and Craft Projects. Free Crochet Patterns and Instructions for Craft Projects Made With Bottle Caps. By Amy Solovay. Share this  ...
Snowflake Bottle Cap Trivet - Crochet - About.com
You'll want to crochet 26 circles, two for covering each bottle cap. Below, I've shared the exact circle pattern I used, but you could use other circle patterns ...
Snowflake Bottle Cap Trivet - Crochet - About.com
Double Crochet Stitch in Progress | Snowflake Bottle Cap Trivet Instructions ... Patterns · Earth Day Projects and Crochet Patterns · More Free Holiday Patterns.
How to End Off | Free Crochet Pattern for a Snowflake Bottle Cap Trivet
This page is part of a free crochet pattern for crocheting a snowflake-shaped trivet . Here we take a close look at how to end off when crocheting a circle shape.
Crochet Hot Pad and Trivet Patterns - About.com
These free crochet patterns give you some options for creating your own handmade hot ... Note: Plastic bottle caps are not appropriate for use with this pattern.
Begin Crocheting a Circle Shape for a Bottle Cap Cover - About.com
Beginner's tutorial for crocheting a circle shape. This tutorial is part of a free crochet pattern for making a snowflake-shaped bottle cap trivet.
Covering the Bottle Cap - Crochet - About.com
Learn how to cover a bottle cap; this free tutorial includes instructions for covering a bottle cap, plus a free crochet pattern for crocheting a snowflake-shaped ...
Photo of the Covered Bottle Cap - Crochet - About.com
Page 1 of this tutorial: Get the free crochet pattern for the snowflake trivet. See more bottle cap crafts and crochet patterns; Check out more free snowflake ...
Finish Crocheting the Circle Shape for the Bottle Cap Cover
This is part of a multi-page tutorial for crocheting a bottle cap trivet shaped like a snowflake. ... a screw-top cap? Bottle Cap Crochet Patterns and Craft Projects ...
Free Crochet Kitchen Patterns for Dishcloths and More - About.com
See the master list of free crochet dishcloth patterns; this list has photos of each dishcloth design. Faux knit ... Snowflake Crochet Bottle Cap Trivet. Snowflake ...
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