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Chain Stitch - Crochet Photo Tutorial
Chain stitches are an integral part of crocheting. There are several essential stitches that a beginner must become familiar with; the chain stitch is the first of ...
Tutorial: Crochet More Chain Stitches - About.com
This photo tutorial shows how to crochet a chain stitch.
Basic Stitches in Crochet (Instructions for Beginners) - About.com
Instructions for Beginners to Learn the Basic Crochet Stitches ... When a grouping of chain stitches is used at the beginning of a project, it can be referred to as a ...
Working the Chain Stitch - About Embroidery
The chain stitch is a looped stitch that is worked individually, or along a curved ... Repeat the process to make additional stitches, and end the length by making a ...
Crochet Chain Stitch Video
In the end, your chain stitch should look like stacked V's. It is important to maintain the same tension when making the chain stitches so they are the same size.
Crocheting the First Chain Stitch Tutorial - About.com
This photo tutorial shows how to crochet a chain stitch. ... Chain Stitch - Crochet Photo Tutorial. By Amy ... 5 Crochet Stitches That Hold Multiple Loops on Hook.
Turning Chain - Definition of Crochet Terms - About.com
What is a turning chain in crochet? Find out the glossary definition of a turning chain, and learn how many stitches to make your turning chain for each of the ...
Single Crochet Stitch Tutorial - About.com
Learn how to single crochet using this illustrated step-by-step tutorial. Single crochet is an easy stitch to learn. It is one of the most important foundation stitches ...
How to Crochet a Scarf in Long Rows - About.com
Multiply your stitches per inch by the desired number of inches. This is a rough estimate of how many chain stitches you need to crochet, but that isn't the final ...
How to Crochet -- For Beginners - About.com
The chain stitch is one of the most important basic crochet stitches you'll ... for example, ch 135; this would mean that you should crochet 135 chain stitches.
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