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Cozies - Crochet - About.com
Let's have fun crocheting cozies for everything in sight! You could crochet beverage cozies, wine bottle cozies, tea cozies, cell phone cozies, and even cozies for ...
Crochet Cozies - Free Patterns - About.com
Crochet cozies make fun quick projects that are perfect for gift giving. If you want to try a new stitch pattern one of these crochet cozies might be just the project ...
Drink Cozies - A List of Free Crochet Patterns - About.com
Drink cozies (aka beverage holders or bottle covers) are a bit of material that protects your hands and the outside of your beverage holder. They serve to keep  ...
Free Crochet Egg Cozy Patterns - About.com
Want to make breakfast a little more fun? These cheerful egg cozies are one creative way to approach it. Some of these egg cozies would also be fun to make for ...
Cozies -- Definition of Cozies for Mystery Writers - Fiction Writing
Definition of the literary term, "cozies," for mystery writers and writers of detective fiction. Cozies are epitomized by Agatha Christie and Ngaio Marsh.
Crochet Tea Cosies -- Free Patterns - About.com
You May Also Like. About.com · About Home · Crochet · Free Crochet Patterns Directory · Cozies; Crochet Tea Cosies -- Free Patterns. About Home Follow us:.
Tea Cosy / Tea Cozy - Coffee/Tea - About.com
Learn all about tea cozies, including their materials and designs, their usage, the history of tea cozies, quotes about and literary references to tea cozies, and ...
Free Crochet Cozy Patterns - About.com
Welcome to our main directory of free patterns for cozies, holders, and covers. You'll find a wide variety of different options for "cozying" everything from your ...
Free Crochet Patterns for Cell Phone Cases and Holders - About.com
They'll work just as well for holding similar gadgets in the same general size range; they make great camera cozies for small cameras too. Crocheted cell phone ...
Free Crochet and Craft Patterns for Cell Phone Cozies - About.com
Apr 21, 2014 ... Cell phone cozies make great gifts. If your mom has a cell phone, perhaps you might like to make her a cell phone cozy for Mother's Day.
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