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Abbreviations Commonly Used in Crochet Patterns - About.com
Have you come across an unfamiliar crochet abbreviation? If so, this list of abbreviations can help you figure out what it means.
Crochet Abbreviations - About.com
Do crochet abbreviations have you confused? Let us help you make sense of them. Here are some resources for understanding the various abbreviations you  ...
What Is SC? More About the Crochet Abbreviation
When speaking with other crocheters, I would advise you to say the entire phrase "single crochet" rather than trying to pronounce the abbreviation "sc." I've never ...
Definition of Bl - a Crochet Abbreviation - About.com
"Bl" is a crochet abbreviation; find the meaning here.
Glossary of Crochet Terms and Abbreviations - About.com
This glossary features crochet terminology and abbreviations.
dec - glossary definition for the crochet term abbreviated dec
Learn what the abbreviation "dec" means in crochet.
hdc -- crochet abbreviation - About.com
"hdc" is a crochet abbreviation; learn about this abbreviation -- what it means, what it looks like (including a photo,) how to crochet it, and where to find free ...
BP – What Does the Crochet Abbreviation BP Stand for? - About.com
"BP" is a crochet abbreviation; learn the meaning of this abbreviation.
Where Can I Find Conversion Charts for Crochet Abbreviations from ...
Hi, my girlfriend has been trying to to get a conversion chart for a European abbreviations to American abbreviations. Can you help me...She doesn't have the ...
PM – Learn the crochet abbreviation PM - About.com
What does it mean when your crochet pattern says "PM"? Find out what the PM abbreviation means in crochet. Learn how to read a crochet pattern.
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