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Finishing Techniques for Crochet and Knitting - About.com
Learn finishing techniques for crochet and knitting; simple things like weaving in ends and blocking your work make all the difference in how a finished project ...
Crochet Finishing Techniques - About.com
Learn how to join crocheted squares (or pieces) together; whether you want to create garments or afghans, joining is an essential finishing technique to have in  ...
How to Avoid Weaving in Ends in Crochet - About.com
Here's a quick guide to understanding which techniques to use for either ... it speeds up the finishing noticeably on certain projects, particularly ones that have  ...
Finishing Techniques for Beaded Jewelry
Tips and techniques for making your beaded jewelry finishing easy and professional looking.
Basic Drywall Finishing Techniques - Taping & ... - Garages
Finishing drywall (“taping and mudding”) is all about filling the joints so that they will not be visible once the surface is painting. This is accomplished by applying ...
Review of Glazes and Glazing, Finishing Techniques - Pottery
This book has something for the novice as well as intermediate and advanced potters and ceramic artists. Because there is such a wealth of information of ...
Faux Techniques and Projects Library
Start here in your search for websites with faux finish techniques. Get instructions, photos, projects, tips, tools, and materials, and learn everything you need to ...
Commercial Printing Tutorials and Techniques - Desktop Publishing
Add the finishing touches to your printed pieces with die cuts or embossing. ... Discover the range of printing methods and when to use which type of printing ...
Finishing and Distribution - Desktop Publishing - About.com
Choose the right scoring and folding methods. Add the finishing touches to your printing with die cuts or embossing. Bind your pages with coil binding, perfect ...
Crochet Skills and Techniques - About.com
Crochet is a versatile craft, with many different techniques to try. Here you will ... These finishing techniques will help you make your project the best it can be.
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