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Single Crochet Stitch Variations - About.com
With crochet, tiny little changes can make a huge difference in how your project turns out. These single crochet stitch variations will keep things interesting.
Double Crochet Stitch Variations - About.com
Double crochet is a versatile stitch. It can be used in unlimited ways. On this page , we will explore some of the different possibilities for creating fabric using ...
Free Crochet Stitch Instructions - About.com
Learn a variety of different crochet stitches and techniques with these free ... There are many possible shell stitch variations, some of which are linked below.
15 Ways to Crochet the V Stitch - About.com
Find instructions and a video for crocheting the v stitch, plus bunches of free ... You can apply this theory to crochet many different V-stitch variations; there are ...
Shell Stitch Crochet Patterns and Instructions - About.com
Shell stitch is one of the most popular crochet stitch patterns. ... There are bunches of different shell stitch variations -- and all of them are useful and beautiful!
Single Crochet Spike Stitch Tutorial With Photos - About.com
Single crochet spike stitch, or sometimes just spike stitch. Note that there are many different possible variations of the spike stitch. I find it easiest to work spike  ...
Back Loops, Back Loop Only, or BLO in Crochet - About.com
Does your crochet pattern include instructions to work in BLO / back loops only? ... of interesting stitch variations you can create using the loops on your crochet ...
Shell Stitch Basics and Free Shell Pattern Links - Crochet - About.com
What is a shell stitch? Where can I find free patterns that use shell stitches? Answers here.
Crochet V Stitch in Brick Repeat - About.com
This intriguing crochet stitch is sort of like a hybrid between the V-stitch and the granny ... Note that there are quite a few variations of the V stitch, so you might ...
Boxed Shell Variation One - Learn Crochet Stitch Patterns - About.com
I came up with my own version of the traditional Boxed Shell Stitch. In this type of stitch pattern, double crochet, with chains between, are used to create an open ...
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