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How to Get Started in Filet Crochet - About.com
3 DC Filet Explained: In a pattern that uses 3 double crochet (dc) to form each block (solid mesh): Each block consists of 3 dc. When there are two blocks side by ...
Solid Mesh Worked Above a Solid Mesh in 3-dc Filet Crochet How-To
Photo with a close-up of double crochet stitches showing how to make a solid mesh above another solid mesh in 3-dc filet crochet.
How to Figure the Starting Chain for Filet Crochet - About.com
How to Figure the Starting (Foundation) Chain for Filet Crochet ... I've given formulas below to figure starting chains for both a 3 dc mesh and a 4 dc mesh.
How To Figure The Starting Chain For Filet Crochet Work - About.com
How To Figure Out A Filet Crochet Starting Chain For Any Chart. By Sandi ... See the Basics link below for an explanation of 4 dc mesh versus 3 dc mesh.
How To Do the First Row on a Chart in Filet Crochet
Crocheting first mesh: if the first square on the chart is a solid mesh, double crochet in the 4th chain from the hook. Double crochet in each of next 3 chains ( first ...
All About Filet Crochet - About.com
If you're interested in thread crochet or vintage crochet, filet crochet is a useful technique to know. Here you ... Learn how to make a 3 dc mesh for filet crochet.
Learning Filet Crochet Increasing How To with Diagrams - About.com
How to increase at the beginning or at the end of rows in filet crochet. ... Ch 2, yo ( 4 times), insert hook in same st as last dc worked. Next: Complete 1 treble ... inc made). Repeat 2nd step (3 times more) for each additional solid mesh increase...
Dragonfly Afghan Crochet-Along Learn Filet Crochet - About.com
This crochet-along can be helpful to anyone just learning how to filet crochet or anyone who is just becoming familiar with filet crochet done in a 3-dc mesh.
Baby Chick Front View Written Instructions For Filet Crochet In A 3dc ...
Instructions written out, row by row, for crocheting a baby chick filet crochet design in a three double crochet mesh. Free needlecraft chart of a baby chick shown ...
How To Make A Lacet In Filet Crochet - The Row Above Lacets How ...
A filet pattern with 4-dc mesh has four double crochet in the first mesh of the row and three double crochet in each additional mesh of the row (the mesh are ...
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