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What Is Freeform Crochet - About.com
Freeform crochet is a technique that defies easy definition; this brief introduction will help you wrap your head around what it's all about.
Freeform Crochet Resources - About.com
Find resources and information on the topic of freeform crochet.
Freeform Crochet and Knit Hat -- Knitting and Crochet Combined in ...
Here's a project idea for adventurous crafters; combine knitting and crochet to create a unique, one-of-a-kind freeform hat.
Does Freeform Crochet Have Rules - About.com
There's an oft-repeated mantra that "The only rule in freeform crochet is that there are no rules." But is that really true? Let's take a moment to pick the no-rules ...
Freeform Crochet Projects Submitted by Our Readers - About.com
These creative freeform crochet projects were submitted by our readers. They've shared photos of each project, plus relevant details about their inspiration for ...
"Homage to Magpies," a Freeform Crochet Shawl by Jenny Dowde ...
Jenny Dowde is an expert freeform knitter and crocheter who has authored several books on these topics. Here she shares photos of her Magpie shawl, and  ...
How to Crochet an Infinity Scarf - About.com
However, if you are new to crochet and not confident in your design skills, using ... to Crochet a Scarf in Short Vertical Rows | How to Crochet a Freeform Scarf ...
23 Crochet Blanket Ideas - About.com
Would you like to see ideas for different blankets to crochet-- along with free patterns and ... No pattern is needed for making a freeform crochet blanket. With this ...
Crochet Techniques - About.com
Crochet is a versatile craft, with many different techniques to try. ... A Blanket Crocheted Using the Freeform Crochet Technique - A Blanket Crocheted Using the ...
Abstract Geometric Freeform Crochet Rug by TiaMia01 - Submit an ...
tiamia01 shares photos of a freeform crochet rug, along with details about how the project was created plus some wise advice for readers to heed.
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