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Differences Between Knitting and Crochet - About.com
What's the difference between knitting and crochet? Find the answer here. These two crafts seem so similar, yet they are two entirely different techniques.
Crochet and Knitting - About.com
Crochet and knitting are sister crafts; you can have either one without the other, but many people know how to do both, and some even enjoy using the two ...
Crochet vs Knitting - About.com
Share your thoughts on the topic of crochet vs knitting. Which do you prefer? In your opinion, is one technique better suited to certain types of projects than the ...
Knooking With The Knook Beginner Set by Leisure Arts - Crochet
However, for anyone who is interested in combining the two techniques -- knitting and crochet -- in the same project, the Knook could be a convenient tool.
How to Crochet a Simple Border Around a Knitting Project - About.com
A single crochet border adds a finished look to a piece of knitting, and is pretty easy to do even if you don't have a lot of experience with crochet. For the ...
Freeform Crochet and Knit Hat -- Knitting and Crochet Combined in ...
Here's a project idea for adventurous crafters; combine knitting and crochet to create a unique, one-of-a-kind freeform hat.
Can I Use Crochet Charts for Knitting? - About.com
Question: Alicia writes,. "I've been knitting for a couple of years now, and I am just learning how to do color knitting from a chart. I love all the crochet charts ...
How to Add Beads to Knitting as You Go - About.com
When you're ready to put a bead in place, you'll need your knitting project, the beads you want to use and a crochet hook small enough to hold the bead you're  ...
Learn How to Knit Using a Crochet Hook - About.com
Tunisian knit stitch is worked with a long crochet hook called an "afghan hook" or "Tunisian hook;" this type of hook resembles a knitting needle, except that it has ...
Worsted Weight Yarn - Crochet - About.com
... refers to medium-weight yarn which is heavier than dk yarn / double knitting yarn, sport weight yarn, baby weight yarn, fingering weight yarn or crochet thread;  ...
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