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Crochet Motifs -- Free Patterns and Instructions - About.com
Find free patterns for crocheting a wide variety of motifs including hexagons, circles, squares, triangles, hearts, snowflakes, pentagons, ovals and other shapes.
Join-As-You-Go Crochet Motifs - About.com
Tired of sewing bunches of motifs or squares together after you're finished crocheting them? There's a better way. We'll show you how!
Seamless Crochet Book -- Learn How to Do Join-As-You-Go Motifs
Want to learn how to avoid weaving in zillions of ends when you make a crochet project using small motifs? This book will help!
7 Different Methods for Joining Crocheted Elements - About.com
Learn seven different methods for joining granny squares, crocheted squares, crocheted motifs, or other crocheted pieces together.
Free Crocheting Hexagon Patterns - About.com
When you look at this crocheted hexagon by itself, it resembles sun's rays. When you start joining the motifs together, the openwork designs on the motif form ...
Flower Motifs - Free Crochet Patterns for Flower Motifs - About.com
P>Flower motifs can beautify many different craft projects. Use them to embellish whatever creative project you're working on - hats, accessories, kids' clothes, ...
Crochet Flowers - Free Patterns for 20+ Projects - About.com
Learn how to crochet a variety of beautiful flowers with our free flower ... Easy crochet flower motif -- These are the largest flowers pictured in the photo at left
11 Free Crochet Snowflake Patterns - About.com
Decorate for Winter or the Christmas Holidays With These Crocheted Snowflakes ... chart for crocheting this design; See a larger picture of the snowflake motif ...
Crocheted Heart Motif - Free Crochet Pattern - About.com
Want to crochet a heart motif for Valentine's Day or any-time gift giving? Get a free heart pattern; find links to more free crochet heart patterns and ideas.
Motifs - Crochet - About.com
Find a variety of patterns for crocheted motifs including apples, flowers and snowflakes. These motifs can be used in many different craft projects.
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