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Rag Crochet - About.com
Have you ever tried crocheting with strips of fabric? Want to learn how to do it? This is the place to educate yourself about rag crochet.
Rag Rugs -- Free Crochet Patterns and Instructions - About.com
If you'd like to crochet a rag rug, this page is the place to find bunches of free patterns to look through. You'll find the perfect rag rug pattern in no time!
Crochet a Colorful Rag Rug With This Free Pattern - About.com
Fabric Cut Into Strips: To crochet my sample rag rug, I used a bit less than two bundles of Stripz fabric strips. If you're cutting your own fabric, you'll need about 7  ...
Fabric Crochet Patterns - About.com
Crochet Skills and Techniques · Rag Crochet ... These fabric crochet patterns offer you many different ways to use up your scrap fabric stash. Whether you're ...
Rag Bags – Free Patterns and Tutorials - Crochet - About.com
Find free patterns and free tutorials for crocheting rag bags.
Rag Crochet Flower Trivet or Coaster Free Pattern - About.com
You can use this free pattern to make a fabric crochet trivet, hot pad or coaster shaped like a flower!
Rag Rugs Basics - Crochet - About.com
You may want to recycle some old clothing into rag rugs too or you may want to purchase yards of fabric especially to crochet rag rugs from. Check the bargain ...
Making Oval Shaped Items and Rag Rug Directions - Crochet
Pattern for an oval rag rug, crocheted from fabric strips and instructions for making ... to crochet with, see: http://crochet.about.com/library/weekly/aa092599. htm.
What Size Crochet Hook for a Rag Rug? - About.com
Elizabeth wants to know what size crochet hook to use for crocheting a rag rug. If you're wondering the same thing, come on in and find the answer.
Crocheting With Stripz Fabric Strips - About.com
Typically, rag crochet is a lot of work; in addition to the actual crocheting, the crocheter has to process all the fabrics into fabric strips that are suitable to make rag ...
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