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Rag Rugs -- Free Crochet Patterns and Instructions - About.com
If you'd like to crochet a rag rug, this page is the place to find bunches of free patterns to look through. ... Rag Rugs to Crochet -- Free Patterns and Instructions.
Rag Rugs Basics - Crochet - About.com
As early as the latter part of the 18th century, rag rugs were crocheted with fabric strips cut from old clothing; at that time, from the necessity of reusing every bit of ...
Crochet a Colorful Rag Rug With This Free Pattern - About.com
Bigger Rag Rugs: If you want to make your rug bigger, you can crochet a longer starting chain, adding multiples of 4 stitches. Keep in mind that you'll need more ...
Fabric and Supplies for Crocheting Rag Rugs - About.com
Question: Please Help With Suggestions for Crocheting Rag Rugs. I'm thinking about making rag rugs. I've been trying to find a rag rug loom. However, I can ...
What Size Crochet Hook for a Rag Rug? - About.com
Elizabeth wants to know what size crochet hook to use for crocheting a rag ... Keep in mind that you don't always need a crochet pattern to make beautiful rugs;  ...
How to Make a Braided Rag Rug From Fabric Scraps
Make a charming, braided rag rug from free and nearly free fabrics -- scraps, ... on the size of the rug you want to make; you'll need longer strips for larger rugs.
Making Oval Shaped Items and Rag Rug Directions - Crochet
Pattern for an oval rag rug, crocheted from fabric strips and instructions for making oval shapes for other items, such as a purse bottom or a placemat.
Crocheting With Stripz Fabric Strips - About.com
Lower Right Photo: Rag Balls Made From Stripz Cut in Half and Sewn Together End ... with them; they looked like they'd make interesting rag rugs and rag bags.
Photo of a Crocheted Rag Rug -- Free Pattern Is Available - About.com
If you like it, you could make your very own rag rug using our free crochet pattern and ... Rag Rugs to Crochet -- Free Patterns and Instructions · Free Crochet ...
Rag Bags – Free Patterns and Tutorials - Crochet - About.com
If you're looking for ways to upcycle old textiles, rag bags are a good way to go. They don't require as much of a commitment as rag rugs do, and they are useful ...
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