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Sewing Techniques for Crochet
When you crochet, you occasionally need to use sewing techniques -- for example, when you stitch a crocheted applique onto another project, or when you sew ...
7 Different Methods for Joining Crocheted Elements - About.com
Whip stitch is a method that can be used for sewing granny squares together; you can also use it for sewing seams, attaching other types of crocheted pieces ...
Crochet Seams - About.com
Learn about crochet seams and the different methods for creating them. ... Whip stitch is one of my favorite methods for sewing seams. Here's a whip stitch ...
Attach a Crocheted Applique to a Craft Project - About.com
One solution is to choose a sewing thread that matches your scarf, and to sew tiny stitches through the back of the applique, without bringing your needle all the  ...
How to Whip Stitch - Free Instructions - Crochet - About.com
Learn how to whip stitch. This quick and easy sewing technique is a fantastic way to join crocheted squares or other pieces together.
Non-sew Methods for Joining Squares and Ways of ... - Crochet
Tips on some different sew and non-sew ways to join crochet pieces, with photo illustrations.
Crochet Techniques - About.com
Crochet is a versatile craft, with many different techniques to try. ... Whipstitch, a Technique for Sewing Crocheted Seams - Whipstitch, a Technique for Sewing ...
How to Sew a Lining for a Pouch or Bag - Crochet - About.com
... they are lined. This tutorial will show you one easy method for how to sew a lining for your pouch or bag. ... Build your skills with these 30 crochet techniques.
How Do I Put Crochet Blocks or Squares Together? - About.com
Carlene is wondering how to put crocheted blocks or squares together. ... There's a sewing technique I turn to over and over again for joining crocheted blocks ...
Photo Tutorial for Finishing the Simple Crocheted Fingerless Gloves
When you sew the side seams together (leaving an opening on each glove for the ... If you're using a sewing technique (rather than crocheting the seams) then  ...
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