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Sewing Techniques for Crochet - About.com
When you crochet, you occasionally need to use sewing techniques -- for example, when you stitch a crocheted applique onto another project, or when you sew ...
7 Different Methods for Joining Crocheted Elements - About.com
Learn seven different methods for joining granny squares, crocheted squares, ... Whip stitching is a sewing technique; for best results, you'll want to use a ...
Crochet Seams - About.com
Learn about crochet seams and the different methods for creating them. ... Whip stitch is one of my favorite methods for sewing seams. Here's a whip stitch ...
Attach a Crocheted Applique to a Craft Project - About.com
One solution is to choose a sewing thread that matches your scarf, and to sew tiny stitches through the back of the applique, without bringing your needle all the  ...
How to Whip Stitch - Free Instructions - Crochet - About.com
Learn how to whip stitch. This quick and easy sewing technique is a fantastic way to join crocheted squares or other pieces together.
How to Sew a Lining for a Pouch or Bag - Crochet - About.com
... when they are lined. This tutorial will show you one easy method for how to sew a lining for your pouch or bag. ... Sewing Techniques for Crochet. How to Join ...
Non-sew Methods for Joining Squares and Ways of ... - Crochet
You can use a large-eye needle to sew the edges with a whip stitch. (Note: I've used a darker color yarn for the joining stitches in these examples, so that you ...
How Do I Put Crochet Blocks or Squares Together? - About.com
There's a sewing technique I turn to over and over again for joining crocheted blocks and squares. ... Other Methods for Joining Crocheted Blocks and Squares: .
How to Avoid Weaving in Ends in Crochet - About.com
Here's a quick guide to understanding which techniques to use for either weaving in ... Whip Stitch · How to Sew a Lining for a Pouch or Bag -- Easy Free Tutorial ...
Here's How the Lining Looks with the Seams Pressed. 8 - Crochet
This page is part of a tutorial for how to sew a lining for a pouch or bag. On this page, see a photo of the ... Sewing Techniques for Crochet. How to Join Granny ...
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