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Crochet Triangle Patterns - About.com
These triangle patterns will help you crochet a number of different triangle- shaped projects, including triangle motifs, triangle scarves and triangle shawls. You'll ...
Single Crochet Triangle Pattern - About.com
Project Description: You can use this triangle in many ways. It could become an applique. You could create bunches of these triangles and stitch them together ...
Triangles and their Meanings - Symbol Meanings
In Western society, the triangle most often has highly Christian meanings when used in a religious context. Because the Christian God is a trinity - Father, Son ...
Sew Easy Quarter Square Triangle Units - Quilting - About.com
Quarter square triangle units are patchwork squares that are constructed by sewing together four equally sized triangles. The units can be assembled by either ...
How to Rotary Cut Cut Half Square Triangles for Quilts - Quilting
Follow my easy instructions to cut individual half square triangles for a quilt.
How to Rotary Cut Quarter Square Triangles for Quilts - Quilting
Quarter square triangles look exactly like the half square triangles used in quilts, but they're actually very different. Learn how the triangles are cut.
How to Make Half-Square Triangles Video
Half square triangle units are squares made up of two triangles- each triangle occupies half of the square's space. Learn this essential quilting technique in just a ...
How to Rotary Cut Equilateral Triangles for Quilts
My quick and easy method will have your quilt's equilateral triangles cut and ready to sew in no time at all.
Cut and Mark Squares for Quick Pieced Triangle Square Units
Follow my simple instructions to make triangle square units for quilts.
Quarter Square Triangles Video
Quarter square triangles are patchwork squares that are constructed by sewing together four equally sized triangles. Learn the basics of this essential quilting ...
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