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15 Ways to Crochet the V Stitch - About.com
You don't always have to use tall crochet stitches for forming your v-stitches. ... I' ve posted two different hat patterns where some of the V stitches are purposely ...
Lacy V-Stitches Crocheted in Cascade 220 Wool Yarn - About.com
See a close-up photo of lacy interrupted V-Stitches crocheted in Cascade 220 wool yarn.
How to Crochet the Basic V Stitch -- Free Instructions - About.com
Related Resources: More V-Stitches | Crochet Stitches Photo Gallery | Basic ... In this variation of the v stitch, you'll stack rows and rows of v stitches on top of ...
How to Crochet: Basic V Stitch Video
I'm going to alternate this with v-stitches. Chain one, skip one chain and then the next chain I'll begin my v-stitch, which is to work a double chain one and double ...
Offset Shell with V-Stitches Afghan Square Pattern
This afghan square features lines of offset shells, along with a line of v-stitches at the center of the square.
Lacy Interrupted Crochet V-Stitch With Pictures - About.com
The difference is that, instead of building V-stitches on top of each other, there is an interruption between every row of V's. The V's are alternated with another ...
Three-Color Striped Lacy Interrupted Crochet V-Stitch - About.com
Lacy Interrupted V-Stitches Crocheted Using Three Different Colors of Cascade 220 Wool Yarn. Page 5.
Basic Crochet V Stitch Photo - About.com
Check out this photo of the basic crochet v stitch, and find instructions for crocheting v stitches plus projects that utilize this stitch.
Free Crochet Stitch Instructions - About.com
V Stitches. These stitches all feature some form of the "V." A typical V stitch might be a double crochet, then one or more chain stitches, then another double ...
Crochet V Stitch in Brick Repeat - About.com
It's worked in rows, like a V-stitch usually would be. The difference is that, instead of building V-stitches on top of each other, they are alternated in a brick repeat.
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