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How to Whip Stitch - Free Instructions - Crochet - About.com
Learn how to whip stitch with this free tutorial. This quick and easy sewing technique is a fantastic way to join granny squares or other pieces together. There are ...
Non-sew Methods for Joining Squares and Ways of Sewing Motifs ...
You can use a large-eye needle to sew the edges with a whip stitch. (Note: I've used a darker color yarn for the joining stitches in these examples, so that you ...
7 Different Methods for Joining Crocheted Elements - About.com
Whip stitch is a method that can be used for sewing granny squares together; you can also use it for sewing seams, attaching other types of crocheted pieces ...
Crochet Seams - About.com
This wine bottle cozy features side seams that are easy to stitch. This is another fantastic example of how to use the whip stitch to great advantage. More .
How to Slip Stitch in Crochet - About.com
If I've crocheted a piece that I want to whip stitch to another piece, a slip stitch edging can sometimes be a helpful addition. For example, if I've crocheted an ...
Sewing Techniques for Crochet - About.com
Whip stitch is a great way to join crocheted granny squares, afghan squares, garment pieces, or other assorted pieces of crochet work. Learn how to whip stitch ...
How Do I Put Crochet Blocks or Squares Together? - About.com
How to Whip Stitch: Free Tutorial-- This photo tutorial shows you how to whip stitch two afghan squares together. Of course, this is a technique worth knowing ...
How to Join Squares Using Single Crochet - About.com
Unlike the slip stitch join, the single crochet join is symmetrical; this means that .... How to Join Squares Using Whip Stitch (pictured at left); How to Join Granny ...
How to Sew a Lining for a Pouch or Bag - Crochet - About.com
If you'd like to whip up a crocheted pouch to practice on, please be sure to visit our list of free pouch patterns. You might also want to take a look at our list of free  ...
Finishing Techniques for Crochet and Knitting - About.com
Pictured Here: A lacy baby blanket with v-stitch and picot border. Free patterns are available ... Whip stitch · Methods for joining crocheted squares · More . Ads.
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