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Snowflake Scarf Pattern

Designed by Sandi Marshall

Full size photo of snowflake pattern portion of the scarf.


6 oz. dark color Sport Weight Yarn
2 oz. light color (or white) Sport Weight Yarn
Size E crochet hook

On graph:
P = puff stitch in light color
/ = single crochet in light color
blank squares = single crochet in dark color

How to do the puff stitch - (yo, pull up a long loop) 4 times,
(9 loops on hook), yo, pull through all loops, ch 1 to close puff

Finished size:
Longer: Approx. 60 x 8 1/2" , Shorter: (48 x 8 1/2")

Crochet over unused color to the point where you will use it again.
If it shows through in places, it will only add to the snowy effect of
this piece.

Chain 37
Row 1 on graph: sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in each ch across. (36 sc)
Continue to follow graph.
When last row on graph has been completed, with dark color,
sc in ea sc across for each row until scarf is 53 1/2" (41 1/2") long.
Next, work row 1 on graph. Continue to follow graph.
When last row on graph has been completed, end off.
Add fringe to ends, if desired.

This is a copyright pattern. Please note:
This Snowflake Scarf pattern is free for personal use only.
Do not sell or redistribute this pattern, pattern graph
or pattern photos (with or without charge) in any form.
All rights reserved worldwide.
copyright © 1998 Sandi Marshall

Myth: Some people think that if they don't charge for it and if they credit the designer, it's ok to spread a copyrighted pattern around by photocopy, posting to an Internet Bulletin Board, etc.
Fact: Free distribution of any copyrighted pattern, without the express written consent of the designer, is also a violation of copyright law. Only the designer has the right to decide how his/her patterns are distributed.

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