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Bookmark Patterns

Free Crochet Patterns for Making Bookmarks


Crocheted bookmarks are useful and beautiful too. If you'd like to crochet a bookmark, check out our free bookmark patterns.

Crossing Paths Crocheted Bookmark

Crossing Paths Crocheted Bookmark
Crossing Paths Crocheted Bookmark -- Photo © 1998 Sandi Marshall
Sandi Marshall designed this bookmark pattern; she calls it the "Crossing Paths" bookmark. You'll crochet this lovely bookmark in thread, and then add a ribbon embellishment.

Vs and Fans Crocheted Bookmark

Crocheted Bookmark With Vs and Fans Design by Sandi Marshall
Vs and Fans Crocheted Bookmark -- Photo © Sandi Marshall

This elegant bookmark is another original design by Sandi Marshall.

Triton Shell Crochet Stitch With Bookmark Instructions

The link above takes you to Sandi Marshall's instructions for her version of the Triton shell stitch. This stitch is a fantastic stitch for using to crochet bookmarks; all you do is make a single column of this stitch in the length you want your bookmark to be.

Crochet Dude's Free Bookmark Patterns

Drew Emborsky, AKA the Crochet Dude, has shared a couple of free bookmark patterns at his blog:

More Free Bookmark Patterns From Around the About.com Network

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