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How to Sew a Lining for a Pouch or Bag


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Insert the Lining Into the Pouch.
Making a Lining for a Crocheted Pouch

Making a Lining for a Crocheted Pouch

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Insert the lining into the pouch.

The lining extends above the top of the pouch. Mine is about 3/8 inches taller than the pouch. Fold this excess amount down to the wrong sides so that it will be hidden inside the pouch. You may need to clip the side seam a bit to accomplish this, especially if you stitched all the way around without leaving a bit unstitched at the upper edges.

Pin the zipper to the pouch and stitch it in place on one side.

Open the zipper, then pin it in place and stitch it to the other side.

If there are any areas on the sides that are still opened, stitch them closed.

If you're making a pouch, the pouch is now ready to be filled. Have fun using it, or giving it as a gift!

If you're making a bag, you're now at the point where you can add the purse handles to finish it.

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