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How-Tos for Joining Granny Squares, Crochet Motifs or Other Crochet Pieces

Learn 9 Different Methods for Joining Crocheted Elements!


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Did you know that joining your squares can be just as creative as crocheting them in the first place? If you doubt that, perhaps this list of interesting joining techniques will convince you.

Whether you realize it or not, the join you choose for finishing will make a huge difference in the way your project ends up looking. You could choose a textured join or a flatter join, a decorative join or one that nearly disappears into the work. It's up to you! Once you're aware of all the creative possibilities, perhaps you'll see joining in a whole new light.

Whip Stitch Join

Whip Stitch Join
Whip Stitch Join -- Photo © Michael Solovay

Whip stitch is a method that can be used for sewing granny squares together; you can also use it for sewing seams, attaching other types of crocheted pieces together, or adding decorative details around the edge of a crocheted piece.

In my tutorial, I demonstrate the technique using two afghan squares, but there are many other types of projects that can benefit from this type of join.

Whip stitching is a sewing technique; for best results, you'll want to use a tapestry needle with a large eye and a blunt tip.

Slip Stitch Join

Slip Stitch Join
Slip Stitch Join -- Photo © Michael Solovay

The slip stitch join is a simple crocheted join. You can use the same crochet hook you used to make the granny squares (or other pieces) you want to join; if you find it more comfortable to use another size (perhaps slightly smaller,) feel free, as long as you are easily able to achieve the same tension with the crochet hook you choose.

Single Crochet Join

Single Crochet Join
Single Crochet Join -- Photo © Michael Solovay

You can use single crochet stitch to join crocheted pieces together.


Seamless Crochet Book by Kristin Omdahl
Seamless Crochet Book by Kristin Omdahl -- Interweave Press

The join-as-you-go method is ideal for crocheters who do not want to deal with sewing a pile of squares or motifs together at the end of a project. This method allows you to join your motifs together as you crochet them.

There's a lot to absorb with this method; if you really want to understand the technique thoroughly, I recommend Kristin Omdahl's book, Seamless Crochet, pictured at left.

If you aren't interested in buying a book right now, and you just want to check out some free patterns and tutorials, be sure to take a look at my page about join-as-you-go crochet motifs.

Rag-Quilt-Style Join, AKA Fringe Join

The Rag Quilt Join, AKA the Fringe Join for Granny Squares
The Rag Quilt Join, AKA the Fringe Join for Granny Squares -- Photo © Amy Solovay

This example was inspired by my love for rag quilts. I wanted to replicate the look of a rag quilt in crochet, and thought of one possible way to do it. The link above takes you to my free instructions for the technique, which are posted here at this website.

Reverse Mattress Stitch Join

If you're looking for an unobtrusive, barely-there join for crocheted squares or pieces, this join is worth investigating. I've linked you to the Wool 'n' Hook blog where the technique is demonstrated in a photo tutorial.

Flat Braid Join

This is an attractive textured join that sort of resembles a braid, hence the name of the technique. It's a lovely way to join granny squares. If you have created squares or panels with a heavily textured or aran-style look, this method would be especially appropriate for joining them.

The link above takes you to a PDF posted at Priscilla's crochet website. Priscilla Hewitt demonstrates the technique.

Tunisian Join

The link above takes you to a tutorial posted on the Annie's Attic website, where Joan Davis explains the Tunisian join. To do this join, you'll need a long afghan crochet hook.

Mattress Stitch Join

Knitted Stockinette Stitch Squares Joined Using Mattress Stitch
Knitted Stockinette Stitch Squares Joined Using Mattress Stitch -- Photo © Sarah E. White

The mattress stitch join is popular with knitters, and the link above takes you to a tutorial on About.com's knitting site; in the tutorial, Sarah E. White demonstrates the mattress stitch join on knitted stockinette stitch. The mattress stitch can also be adapted for use in joining crocheted pieces.

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