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Cables n Minis Scarf Design by Sandi Marshall


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Cables n Minis Soft Scarf Pattern Introduction
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This scarf has a cable worked over 4 stitches, along with the look of mini cables made with crossed double crochet.

Abbreviations: crdc = crossed double crochet, fptr = front post treble

Materials: Caron Simply Soft worsted weight yarn (at least 5 oz. - amount used will vary according to the length that you make your scarf), size H hook

Special Stitches: How To Front Post Triple (fptr): Yarn over hook twice, insert hook from front to back to front around the post of the stitch to be worked, yarn over hook, pull a loop through around the post, then, to complete as a treble stitch: (yarn over hook, draw yarn through two loops on hook) three times. In this pattern, the stitch behind the fptr is to be left unworked.

cable worked over 4 dc: skip next 2 dc, fptr in ea of next 2 dc; next, working in front of the 2 dc just worked, fptr in first skipped stitch, then fptr in next skipped stitch (a 4-stitch cable made). For a photo how-to, showing close looks at the steps for making a 4-stitch cable, see my Step-By-Step Crocheted Cable How-To (scroll down that page to see the photos). In the how-to, the four cable stitches are worked in post stitches in the rows before and after the row where the cable crosses. In this scarf pattern, for an easier variation, I tried using post stitches only on the row where the cable crosses and used regular double crochet stitches for the four stitches above and below where the cable crosses. For traditional cables, see my version 2 of this scarf.

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Pattern and pattern photo copyright 2007 by Sandi Marshall, licensed to About.com, Inc. Per copyright law, do not distribute reproduced copies, in any form, even for free, and do not use my pattern photo on another web site, blog page or elsewhere. Instead, you may give out the URL of this pattern page.

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