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Filet Crochet Diamond Pattern


I crocheted this diamond chart using filet crochet rather than tapestry crochet, which was the technique I originally used to crochet the design the first time. The photo below shows you how it turned out when worked in filet crochet.
Filet Crochet Diamond Square

Filet Crochet Diamond Square

Photo © Amy Solovay

My sample square was crocheted using mystery crochet thread of unknown size, although I think it is probably size 10. My project sample measures about 6 1/2 inches wide by about 6 inches tall.

Click here to get the free diamond chart. Please note that the instructions included with this chart are for the tapestry crochet version of the design; to make your square turn out the same as the sample pictured here, you'll want to use the usual way of reading a filet crochet chart instead.

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