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Chart for Nested Squares With Heart

Free Crochet Pattern for an Afghan Square With Cross Stitched Heart Design


Did you know that you can combine crochet and cross stitch to make eye-catching afghan squares? Use this chart to create an afghan square with heart design.
Nested Squares With Cross Stitched Heart -- Free Crochet Pattern With Chart

Nested Squares With Cross Stitched Heart -- Free Crochet Pattern With Chart

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Before you crochet this design, I recommend taking a look at the following pages:

How to Use This Chart:

There are different ways you could use the chart. I invite you to use your creativity and adapt it any way you like!

Having said that, here is how I used it:

Each square on the chart represents one single crochet stitch. This is true whether or not the square has an X over it. The green squares will be worked in green yarn (or the yarn color of your choice -- feel free to make substitutions.) The tan squares will be worked in tan yarn, even the tan squares that have an x over them.

So, the afghan square is crocheted in two colors, and then the third color, blue, is added afterwards. The Xs represent where the blue yarn is added by cross stitching on top of the single crochet stitches.

When you're crocheting, if you think you'd get confused by the Xs, feel free to work from the plain nested squares chart. No cross-stitching is marked on that chart, which makes it easier to crochet from. You can also print it out and mark your own cross stitch designs in the center, if you'd prefer to do a different design than the ones I've created.

At the end, I added some slip stitch details in surface crochet. I used tan yarn to crochet around the heart motif, and I also used tan yarn to crochet a border between the green and the blue, to visually separate them and make them stand out from each other more. These finishing touches are optional, but I think they enhance the afghan square.

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