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Ripple Afghans

Free Crochet Patterns and Design Inspiration for Ripple Afghans


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If you'd like to crochet a ripple afghan, you'll find plenty of free patterns and inspiration here. When you're finished browsing through these patterns, be sure to visit our main index of free afghan patterns for even more ideas.

Free Crochet Ripple Afghan Patterns

Baby Afghans With Ripple or ZigZag Designs

These crochet baby blanket patterns all feature a ripple or zigzag design.

Click here to see more baby afghan patterns

Round Ripple Afghan Patterns

These patterns are not perfectly "round" in the purest sense of the word. Most are roughly star-shaped ripple afghans; the afghans are worked in rounds that radiate outward from the center.

Ripple Tutorial

Blogs About Ripple Afghans and Ripple Designs

When I went hunting for ripple afghan patterns, I found a couple of delightful crochet blogs that are dedicated to the topic of ripple and zigzag designs. Who'd have known? These blogs are way too much fun for me to keep to myself, so I thought I would post the links and share them with you. If you need color ideas or ripple afghan inspiration, these blogs are a great resource.

More Info About Crochet Blogs

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A Stack of Crocheted Baby Blankets
A Stack of Crocheted Baby Blankets. Photo © Amy Solovay

We really appreciate your interest in our free patterns. Want to find more of them? If so, we invite you to stay and browse awhile. Here are some related resources you might also enjoy.

Crocheting Blankets and Afghans

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