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Afghan Patterns

Free Crochet Afghan Patterns


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Afghans come in many shapes, sizes and styles. Our list of free crochet afghan patterns includes a wide variety of themes and design elements. Whether you'd like to crochet a quick bulky throw or a fine thread crochet bedspread, we've posted free patterns you'll love.

Baby Afghans

Free Afghan Patterns
Free Afghan Patterns -- Pictures, Patterns and Photo Collage © Amy Solovay

Snuggle baby up in a warm, cozy crocheted afghan; take your pick of any of our free baby afghan patterns.

Afghans Shown in the Photos:

These pictures highlight just a few of our afghans for babies.

Granny Square Patterns for Afghans and Other Projects

Rainbow Outlines Granny Square
Rainbow Outlines Granny Square © Amy Solovay, Licensed to About.com, Inc.

Granny square afghans are easy and fun to crochet, and there are zillions of different ways you can make them unique. If you'd like to make your own granny square afghan, you're invited to take advantage of our free granny square patterns.

Pictured here: the rainbow outlines granny square, which is a fantastic scrap yarn pattern.

Easy Afghan Patterns

Three Baby Afghans Crocheted Using the Quick and Easy Baby Afghan Pattern
Three Baby Afghans Crocheted Using the Quick and Easy Baby Afghan Pattern. Photo © Amy Solovay

No matter what your skill level, there are going to be times when you want an easy, no-brainer afghan to work on. On those occasions, you'll want to select a pattern from this list of easy afghan patterns.

Pictured here: Several different colors of an easy baby blanket that's suitable for both baby boys and baby girls. This blanket is easy to crochet, easy to care for, and easy to use. What more could you ask for?

Free Crochet Patterns for Afghan Squares

Crocheted Squares
Crocheted Squares -- Photo © Amy Solovay

Not every crocheted square is a granny square. This list includes a more comprehensive selection of crocheted squares; it includes many of our granny squares, but it also includes free patterns for squares worked in rows too. The squares on this list are organized by size.

Pictured here: The photo shows twelve of my mix and match afghan squares. This is an ongoing series of afghan square designs; I keep adding more designs to the list.

Custom Afghan Pattern

One Possible Idea for a Custom Crocheted Afghan
One Possible Idea for a Custom Crocheted Afghan -- Photo © Amy Solovay

I customized my own afghan using a mix of the afghan squares linked above. If this idea appeals to you, there are zillions of different ways you could customize your own afghans too. I've done most of the hard work and calculations for you, but you still get to do the fun parts like choosing colors and which squares to use -- and the crocheting, of course.

Crochet Quilt Patterns

Christmas Afghan Pattern
Christmas Afghan Pattern -- Photo © Michael Solovay

Want to crochet an afghan that resembles a patchwork quilt? If so, this page of crochet quilt patterns offers a variety of interesting ideas.

Pictured at left: This patchwork Christmas afghan is one of the many ideas included on the page. There are also links to various patterns for crocheted afghans that are based on traditional quilt blocks.

Americana Afghans and American Flag Afghans

These afghans all feature an Americana theme. Some of them incorporate American flags or flag-style elements such as stars and stripes. Many of them are crocheted in red, white and blue. If you live in the USA or want to crochet something special for someone who does, these creative afghan patterns are sure to inspire you.

Hexagon Patterns for Crocheting Afghans or Other Projects

A Crocheted Granny Hexagon With A Flower in the Center
A Crocheted Granny Hexagon With A Flower in the Center -- Photo © Michael Solovay

Hexagons can be used to create afghans in much the same way that you'd use squares; you crochet a bunch of hexagons and then join them together. This results in a visually interesting afghan with loads of eye-appeal. The individual hexagons are also easily portable projects, which is nice if you want to take your crochet with you when you go somewhere.

Pictured here: a floral granny hexagon crochet motif. This design would make a lovely traditional afghan, bedspread or coverlet.

Floral Afghans to Crochet

Flowers are beloved by artisans, designers and crafters worldwide; they've inspired some of the most creative and beautiful afghan patterns available.

Ripple, Chevron and ZigZag Afghans

Crochet lends itself well to wavy, rippled patterns; it's easy to create zigzags and chevrons using simple increases and decreases. That explains the enormous popularity of these designs -- they are so easy to crochet, and they look fabulous when completed. They also make interesting crochet projects which hold your attention the entire time you're working them; it's fun to watch the pattern progress further with each stitch you crochet.

If you'd like to try making one of these beauties, check out our list of free ripple and zigzag afghan patterns.

Shell Stitch Afghan Patterns to Crochet

The afghan patterns linked on this page all feature some variation of the shell stitch.

Crochet Bedspreads

Sometimes bedspreads and coverlets are nice alternatives to blankets and afghans. Be sure to take a look at our free crochet bedspread patterns too!

Afghan Edging Patterns to Crochet

Need an edging pattern for an afghan? Try these!

See Also: Free crochet edging patterns

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