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Crochet Quilt Patterns

Patchwork Style Blankets | Crochet Designs Resembling Traditional Quilts


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Crochet a patchwork-style blanket using any of these crochet patterns. Most of the patterns on this page are free; in the interest of showing you more options, I've also included a link to a pattern book that includes even more designs inspired by quilts and quilt blocks.

Heart Sampler Patchwork Baby Blanket -- Free Crochet Pattern

Crochet Baby Quilt Pattern
Crochet Baby Quilt Pattern -- Photo © Amy Solovay

This patchwork-style baby blanket is crocheted using colorful acrylic baby yarns. Each square is crocheted separately, and then the squares are joined together using whip stitch, and a simple edging is crocheted around the outer edge.

This pattern design is by Amy solovay.

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Patchwork Crochet Christmas Afghan -- Free Crochet Pattern Recipe

Crochet Christmas Quilt
Crochet Christmas Quilt -- Photo © Michael Solovay

You'll create this Christmas-themed quilt-style blanket using several techniques: tapestry crochet, surface crochet, and cross stitch on crochet.

This pattern design is by Amy Solovay.

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Mix and Match Crochet Quilt Squares

Crochet Quilt Squares
Crochet Quilt Squares -- Photo © Amy Solovay

The Christmas afghan linked above was created using designs from this series; as you can see from comparing the two photos, you can change the look of the squares dramatically by re-coloring them. I crocheted the original set of squares in blue, green and tan, like you see at left; the newer squares (pictured above) were crocheted in gold, red and green.

These squares are all designed to be the same size (assuming you crochet them using the same yarn, and you don't accidentally use two different hooks to crochet them.) They can be used together to create quilt-style afghans in just about any size you like, from lapghans and baby afghans on up.

You'll find free charts and / or patterns (often both) for all these squares on our website.

Crochet Baby Quilts With Nested Checkerboard Designs

Crochet Baby Quilt
Crochet Baby Quilt -- Charts and Patterns © Amy Solovay

This link takes you to an image gallery featuring an assortment of patterns, charts and diagrams for baby blankets and squares. These baby quilts all feature simple but interesting checkerboard patterns worked in tapestry crochet. My favorite design in the series is pictured at left, but there are a couple different options available.

I've crocheted my sample quilt squares with baby boys in mind; I used blue and white baby yarns. You could choose more feminine colors if the recipient is expecting a baby girl; and if you are not sure of the baby's gender, just make a quick color change to neutrals or greens, which could work for either baby boys or girls.

These designs need not be limited to use in baby afghans; I've made the charts and patterns available, so feel free to apply your creativity and use them in other ways if you like.

DIY Afghans Crochet Pattern Book by Mary Beth Temple

DIY Afghans Book by Mary Beth Temple, Published by Leisure Arts
DIY Afghans Book by Mary Beth Temple, Published by Leisure Arts

DIY Afghans is a crochet pattern book published by Leisure Arts. The designs presented in this book were all inspired by quilts and quilt blocks.

A CD-rom comes with the book, and the CD allows readers to design their own quilt-inspired afghans using the blocks, edgings and crochet stitches stitches featured in the book.

If this sounds interesting to you, and you'd like more information, you might want to check out my detailed book review of DIY Afghans. You can also click the "compare prices" button below to check availability and lowest pricing at a variety of different Internet retailers.

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