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Free Baby Bib Patterns for Crochet and Other Crafts

Crochet, Knit or Craft a New Baby Bib


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Want to crochet a baby bib for a sweet new arrival? Check out these free crochet patterns for baby bibs.

If you need a baby shower gift for a co-worker, friend or loved one, crocheted baby bibs are ideal; they are cute, quick to crochet, and affordable too.

Baby Bib Crocheted in Solid Shell Stitch

You'll crochet this pretty baby bib in solid shell stitch. The bib is a solid color, but features gorgeous texture that results in an eye-catching project. This pattern design is by Sandi Marshall.

Panda Bear Baby Bib

Who can resist cute animal designs? This delightful panda bear baby bib is sure to elicit smiles. This design is crocheted in the round. The pattern design is by Sandi Marshall.

More Free Crochet Patterns for Baby Bibs

These free baby bib patterns are made available by other web sites around the Internet.

Free Knitting Patterns for Baby Bibs

Sarah E. White, your Guide to knitting, has designed a couple of baby bibs you might want to take a look at.

Free Craft Patterns for Baby Bibs and Other Baby Items

Here are several more free craft project ideas from around the About.com network. These projects all have a baby theme.

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