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Baby Blanket In Shells and Clusters Free Pattern


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Last Row and Finishing Shells and Clusters Baby Blanket

Last Row: ch 1, sc in ea of first 2 sc, * 2 sc in ch-2 space, sc in top of cluster, 2 sc in ch-2 space, sc in ea of next 3 sc **, repeat the directions between * and ** across the row, ending the row with 2 sc in the next-to-last ch-2 space, sc in top of next cluster, 2 sc in last ch-2 space, sc in ea of last 2 sc.
End off. Weave in ends.

Add an edging of your choice. For links to free crochet patterns for edgings that are suitable for edging afghans, see http://crochet.about.com/od/bytype/tp/AfghanEdgings.htm

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If others would like to have the pattern, please give them the URL for the pattern, so that they may come here for themselves. Thank you.
The URL is http://crochet.about.com/od/babyafghans/ss/BabyShells.htm

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